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   Smart Meter - Health Effects - What PG&E Is Not Telling The Public For Industry Profit Part 3

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About four months later, they sent out a second appeal stating that it appears that the international community is ignoring us. We are not just some little advisory group, we are a prestigious scientific advisory group and we put out these recommendations because we are ALARMED and we want to alert people. There is no known knowledge in the US in response to this. We don’t even hear about these things in our newspapers. We don’t hear that Germany has warned its citizens about using WiFi, or the French Library taking WiFi out because of health concerns.

It is a scandal. When the American people understand that they have been scammed by the wireless communication industry and by our Federal Communication Commission there will be a lot of repercussions.

PG&E, with great frequency, talks about the World Health Organization, WHO, you need to look at the WHO EMF Project, where people were brought together to set guidelines on an international level, partially funded by the Telecommunications Industry. Since the books are closed, we do not know how much funding came from the Utility Industry.
The head of that EMF Project is a EMF consultant. His assistant is affiliated with the EPRI, The Electric Power Research Institute. Although not confirmed, it is possible, that she was getting paid by the EPRI at the same time she was working for WHO.
They drew on a great number of industry professionals to help draft and polish their recommendations. They did get scientific recommendations, but they were heavily influenced by industry.

The current head of the WHO EMF Project is an electrical engineer, not a medical doctor or biologist. So recommendations from the WHO should be regarded with a great deal of skepticism.

There is a newsletter, “Microwave News” that covers things going on in the EMF field of study. It is a very easy read and keeps up with all the conflicts going on internationally.
There was another report put out in February 2011 by the California Council of Science and Technology or CCST. They were asked to look at FCC standards to see if they were protective of the public health and their relationship with Smart Meters.
The CCST did not say, contrary to what was in the Monterey Herald, that the Smart Meters were are safe. They said there were no THERMAL IMPACTS from Smart Meters and that more studies are needed.

There are a series of blistering critiques of the CCST Report by people whose specialty is EMF/Rf. In fact, one local doctor in Santa Cruz who is an Electrical Engineer and a Medical Doctor, Dr. Karl Marett, (see him speak at 22:30 on the video) has written an incredible critique of this report. It’s very readable, and shows what we do know of EMF/RF impacts on our health.

As you read the critique, you will wonder why you haven’t been told this information, including parents considering cell phones for their children and schools that are contemplating putting in WiFi. Why isn’t this information going to school boards and libraries such as this (The Marina Public Library). The Marina Public Library stated today that they will no longer shut off the WiFi, and that people who are sensitive need to meet elsewhere. We all know the reason, because they say WiFi is part of their mission to have easy internet access.

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