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   Smart Meter - Health Effects - What PG&E Is Not Telling The Public For Industry Profit Part 2

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For years, repeated requests to revise the FCC exposure guidelines have been sought. Currently, the only effects that concern the FCC is THERMAL affects; "If it doesn't heat tissue, it can't hurt you," The problem is that the FCC ignores substantial evidence that shows biological effects such as increased cancer risks. This has nothing to do with nothing to do with a body being heated or cellular stress, heart arrhythmia, this just an affect under exposure to this type of radiation.

A lot of the impacts that are being DISMISSED by scientists are the ones that fall within this category of biological affects where they say "well we don't understand them yet."
There are organizations, individuals and scientists pleading with the FCC stating the current standards are “NOT PROTECTIVE OF THE PUBLIC," and while these devises continue to be rolled out we hear "we have to study it further.

Blood brain barrier is another damage that can happen. It keeps toxins out of our brain and short of a two minute cell phone call will cause that to be disrupted, which means it will cause the Lysosome to begin to leak. There is a rapid rise in Alzheimer’s, and many are seeing an increased connection between the EMF frequency we are being exposed to and that one health issue.

Note that other countries have much stricter EMF exposure standards than ours. They include: Belgium, Russia, and Austria. In New South Wales, these meters would be illegal.

Recently, Cindy Sage, (The Sage Report), a national EMF consultant, released two reports saying that, even our lax FCC standards, under normal operating situations could VIOLATE FCC standards. In the second report released in February 2011, she found that the Edison and PG&E Smart Meters emit FOUR TIMES the emission, and will violate the FCC standards at further distances from the meter. Cindy Sage talks about the BioInitiative Report.

One of the things that PG&E said in their letter to the Monterey Herald was that people will want to go and look at their meter. Don’t do this, because the eyes are so vulnerable to microwave radiation. Round organs are very very sensitive to radiation.
Children are especially vulnerable to microwave frequency radiation as their skulls are thinner and softer. There are tests showing the radiation going almost all the way through the brains of really young children.

Two years ago, there was a heartbreaking appeal to the international community by a Russian scientific committee warning that the future of our children was at stake. They warned that there was going to be early onset of dementia as well as all kinds of cancer risks and different health risks at very very early ages, and that “we dally at our great pearl.

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