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   Smart Meter - Health Effects - What PG&E Is Not Telling The Public For Industry Profit Part 1

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PG&E admits health uncertainties need more study on wireless devices. Yet a great deal of International science, peer group studies that show serious health impacts are ignored. EPI (Electric Power Institute) is not a non-profit organization, and the EPRI is the industry funded research arm. Research should be scrutinized as PG&E, So. Cal Edison are affiliates. Follow the money.

The State of California ruled that a 60 HZ electrical current is a possible carcinogen. Smart Meters are wireless devises that will eventually be on all electric, gas and water meters. Pulsing data from consumer meters measure in length about 15/1000's of a second and will be broadcast as often as every few seconds from the electric meters.
Very quickly alarming health impacts have been noticed include heart arrhythmia, dizziness, nausea, flu like systems, sleeplessness, ear buzzing, depression, and agitation.These are the same symptoms that many radar workers experienced when it was first introduced, called "Microwave Syndrome." Radio sickness" is taken more seriously abroad than here in the US. Studies found that when people are removed from that environment they recover, but if they stay in that environment, it's much more difficult to recover.

Electro Hypo Sensitivity" is evident with more symptoms from individuals depending on sex, genetic structure, overall health plus other factors can become sensitive to electromagnetic fields (EMF's).

EMF is non-ionizing radiation, supposedly good radiation with no health impact whereas ionizing radiation, like X-rays, has the power to break chemical bonds, so DNA can be broken.

What is showing up in research is that non-ionizing radiation can cause DNA damage too. One of the things that shows up in the pamphlet from PG&E, is that the mechanism are not understood, many scientists within the INDUSTRY fold say "if we don't understand it, we can't say it's happening. We see DNA damage but we don't see how it is disrupting or damaging DNA, so let’s study it further as we don't understand what we are seeing." They say this instead of raising a red flag.

There are some mechanisms that we know of now, where DNA damage can happen under these very low EMF exposure circumstances. The industry takes the position that the amount of radiation is so low it's not going to bother anyone.

It is known that very low EMF's can cause the calcium ions on cell membranes to leave the cell membranes. When this happens the cell membranes LEAK, and the little organ inside the cell called the Lysosome containing an enzyme that DIGESTS DNA. When the Lysosome leaks, it dissolves DNA.

The electromagnetic radiation within the non-ionizing band also has within it a sub-section of radio frequency (RF) and a sub-section of that is microwave radiation. When referring to EMF or RF, we are talking about the same section of this huge frequency band, so the health impacts are sizable.

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