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   Smart Meter Danger in Apartment Buildings Part 3


Smart Meters Radiation Danger

Smart Meters Radiation Protection

The cost to implement smart meters to all apartment buildings around Ontario will be huge, with little likelihood of any major energy savings. In coming years, as more knowledge about the health effects of microwave radiation emerge, there is a real chance that all these new ‘Smart Meters’ will have to be replaced with ‘safe ones’ again, at a huge cost. The government should not be experimenting with the health and safety of its citizens. If you do implement a plan to put meters in apartment buildings, you must ensure there is true value to the investment and that they are safe and do not emit radio frequencies or microwave radiation.

An important place to learn about the health effects of electro magnetic radiation is the scientific information contained in the Bio Initiative Report, which can be accessed at www.bioinitiative.org . Another location to find out about the dangerous mixture or electricity and radiofrequency pollution is www.powerwatch.org.uk . Canadian Internet sites containing information about the health effect of EMR include – www.magdahavas.org and www.weepinitiative.org.

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