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   Smart Meter Danger in Apartment Buildings Part 2


Smart Meters Radiation Danger

Smart Meters Radiation Protection

It is important for the Members of the Ontario Legislature and the members of this committee, to learn about the adverse health effects of microwave radiation, before this bill is considered and before a vote on the subject. The Government must not cause further environmental and health harm to the citizens of Ontario. Many of the modern diseases which are plaguing the world today have been scientifically linked to microwave radiation and other forms of electro magnetic radiation. Signals from apartment smart meters will not simply travel from the meter to the reception point, they are likely to travel on the electrical systems that circulate around apartment buildings and may harm the tenants by re-radiating inside the apartments.

Yesterday I was visiting an apartment in Stratford where the electrical meters (previously installed when the building was new) were located in a room next to the apartment. If, all of these meters were changed to ‘smart meters’ emitting microwave radiation, this apartment, and others nearby, may become unliveable. All humans are sensitive to electro magnetic radiation. The tremendous increase of electro magnetic radiation, because of wireless devices, is causing many people to become more sensitive and others are becoming electro hyper-sensitive. If the Ontario Government contributes to the amount of electrical pollution, it may be very difficult for some people in Ontario to live normal lives.

Electro sensitivities, made worse by the Government installing smart meters may lead to huge legal claims against the Province. If many people develop significant illnesses because of exposure to electro magnetic radiation, the Provincial health system is likely to break down. Please do not under estimate the dangers posed by this new wireless pollution.

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