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     Radio Frequency Waves (RF) and Microwave Radiation Tips

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Cell Phone Tower Radiation

Radio Frequency Waves (RF) and Microwave Radiation are produced by all wireless communication devices and cell phone transmission towers. They’re invisible and exist almost everywhere. Current technology is now using pulsed digital signals which increase the risks of exposure. Obtaining an RF free sleeping area is important because we spend 1/3 of our life asleep. The goal is to reduce long term, low level exposure to Radio Frequency (RF) Radiation.

Obtaining accurate exposure readings is very important. Some of our competitors’ meters do not measure pulsed digital signals. Our complete line of RF Meters will measure pulsed digital signals including the RF-Detector. Please visit our EMF Meter, RF Meter and Body Voltage Meter pages for Bau-Biologie approved testing equipment. See below for our suggestions on how to lower your RF exposure at home:

Avoid Living near cell phone transmission towers or any other radio/TV transmitter.
Have your sleeping area evaluated by a Bau-Biologist for Radio Frequency (RF) radiation from cell phone towers and all other wireless radiation sources. Bau-Biologie Exposure Standards indicate RF radiation should be below 1 W/m2 (microWatts per square meter) and below 0.1 W/m2 for digital pulsed radiation signals.

If elevated RF Radiation is found, determine weather its source in internal or external to the building. If the source is external (local cell phone tower), installing RF shielding fabric curtains, a bed shielding canopies or RF reflective window foil is recommended. If the source is internal, find the source and turn it off (cordless phone, wireless router). Seek the professional advice of a trained Bau-Biologist for more protection solutions.

Avoid the use of cordless telephones. Most new models (DECT) base stations constantly transmit RF radiation even when they are not in use.

If a cordless phone is necessary, choose 900 MHz cordless phone before higher frequency phones. Most 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz phones base stations constantly broadcast where as the majority of 900 MHz phones do not. Also the 900 MHz cordless phones use an analogue signal where the 2.4 GHz and the 5.8 GHz phones use more biologically damaging pulsed digital signals.

Avoid the use of a microwave oven. If using a microwave oven, leave the area. The RF will cover a large area (30-40 feet and more).
Avoid eating or drinking microwaved food or water. Don’t feed microwaved food or milk to babies or young children.
Avoid the use of wireless baby monitors. Use a hard wired intercom system.
Avoid the use of an RF security system, use the hard wired one.
Avoid the use wireless router internet sharing devices. Use a hard wired type. (Ethernet Cat 5 cables
If required, use cellular telephones for emergency back-up. Use them with the SLT1 headset. Avoid speaking on a cell phone in the car without an external antenna. The RF waves will be reflected back at you from the metal chassis, doors and roof magnifying the radiation. Also, the cell phone has a hard time sending its signal out of the car because of the metal chassis, and increases its transmitting strength to compensate.
Avoid the use of a cellular phone if pregnant.

Do not let a child use a cellular phone.

Minimize your exposure to medical and dental x-rays.

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