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  Radiation Levels Of GSM Cellular Phone Towers In Residential Areas

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RFR levels at cell towers in Germany in 2002 ranged from: Low reading: .02 W/cm2 (200 W/m2) High reading: 10 W/cm2 (100,000 W/m2) 1uw/m2 = .0001 w/cm2
A statistical evaluation of over 200 representative high frequency field measurements is presented for the years 2001 and 2002. Measurements were conducted at different distances and directions using a frequency selective spectrum analysis to obtain only GSM power densities... Derived from this data, GSm cellular phone tower radiation is dominant in comparison to FM radio or TV emissions.

The median power density was found to be in the range of 200 W/m2 with the maximum level exceeding 100,000 vW/m2. A total of 25 percent of the power densities exceeds 1,000 uW/m2, which has been suggested to be the average threshold value for non-thermal biological effects.
Two of the most important factors are the distance and the direct line of sight to the antenna site. At the typical residential cell tower distance of about 250 m in cities, with direct line of sight, the observed levels are in the range of 200 W/m2.

The results show that, especially for future cellular UMTS applications, there are several options to minimize additional HF radiation exposures for the population and reduce the potential risk for harmful exposures...
...Distance, Line of Sight and Exposure Parameters
The power density values are displayed in Figure 2 in respect to line of sight/without line of sight and the distance to the antenna site. It is obvious, that especially in proximity to the antennas site (<250 m), the GSM radiation levels are scattering due to various influencing parameters and cannot be calculated easily by using antenna power and distance modest only. Table 1 shows a significant systematic difference between the percentile data from line of sight and without line of sight measurements. Figure 2 displays the separated sets of data with trend lines decreasing exponentially to larger distances with lower exposures for without line of sight measurements in the range of 90% reduction (-10dB).

In general, the radiation exposure is predominantly determined by e.g. the following parameters:
Distance to antenna Line of sight to the antenna site Type of antennas, e.g. omni directional or directional antennas Number, power, and orientation of the antennas Capacity of the antenna site (number of channels/frequencie s) Vertical distance between location and antenna site Type of building construction/ type of window glass Total reflection of the environment
...Directly below roof top positions (e.g. schools, preschools, homes) significant exposures in the range of a few 1,000 W/m2 were observed due to secondary side lobes and reflections. During our data collection, the highest exposure values in the range of 10,000 - 100,000 W/m2 were observed very close to low antenna/roof top positions at inside and outside locations in line of site and distance < 100 meter.

Egypt, Cairo: city limits
Albury, Australia
Garden Grove, California
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Hervey Bay, Queensland
Corpus Christi, Texas
Egypt, Cairo: city limits
Tuvalu, Funafuti
Bunbury, Victoria
Al Naslah, United Arab Emirates, Al Naslah, UAE


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