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Radiation: Cell Phones and Brain Tumors

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by Lloyd on September 23, 2011

The industry spokesman says “oh yeah mobile phones are safe”. Not only does he use his mobile phone every day he uses it a lot every day! Mmm, maybe, but I don’t buy what he’s saying at all, but what I do buy is:
- The statistics that say brain tumors are on the increase
- Neurosurgeons, like Dr Richard Bittar and Dr Keith Black and Dr Charlie Teo ….. and others who are ringing the alarm bells about cell phone radiation and brain tumors
- my own physical reaction to exposure to EMFs like cell phone radiation

Cell Phones and Brain Tumors
Asbestos and smoking were prized for years as being necessary and good; as mobile phones are now. The industry that polices the nation’s 20 million mobiles is repeatedly having to defend the claims that cell phones are safe. But what you are about to see, if you believe a former mobile phone salesman and a leading brain surgeon, is the first true sign of the danger your mobile poses to your life.

The evidence is mounting, brain tumors are on the increase. Even neurosurgeons are concerned, but the industry stands firm. David Smith faithfully sold mobile phones for 10 years. Little did he know he was getting paid to sell, what he believes now, has ruined his life. He says, “I was angry at the mobile phone companies, and also the telecommunication companies too, because they’ve put these products on the market with the proper research into what it does and I guess they’ve used us as guinea pigs.”
David: Cancer Survivor former and former Mobile Phone Salesman
David was just 30 years old when he underwent 3 operations to remove the tumor as big as a golf ball around his acoustic nerve. During the surgery, the nerve was removed and another was accidentally damaged causing David to lose muscular control in his face.

So David, the tumor was just here, on the right, behind your ear. That’s right, behind my right ear. Where did you use to talk on the mobile phone? I used to use my right ear as my phone ear. I used to use a mobile phone maybe one or two hours a day for the 10 years or so before I was diagnosed.

David’s tumor is one that studies have linked to mobile phone use. Professor Bruce Armstrong is head of Sydney University Public Health Unit. He spent 10 years looking at the research between mobile phones and brain tumors. He says there is evidence of a two fold increase in risk of tumors.

While David is trying to piece his life back together, he worries for the millions who constantly use their mobile. He says, “You see 10 year olds running around the street using mobile phones, and I just wonder how the mobile phones are going to affect the development of their brains.”…….

Neurosurgeon Richard Bittar
None of these cases surprise those in the business of brain surgery. A prominent Canberra neurologist has written a research report into the link between mobile phones and brain tumors. He believes mobiles will be the next great public health issue, and compares their effect with those of smoking and asbestos. He is calling on government and industry to take immediate steps to reduce the exposure of mobile phones to consumers.”There is certainly an element of concern not only from myself but from a lot of my colleagues”.

As a neurosurgeon Richard Bittar has seen a rise in brain tumors in the last 15 years, but says it’s hard to point the finger solely at mobile phone use. Yet Richard tries to use his mobile only on loud speaker, or uses a nearby landline when possible. He explains; “a lot of my neurosurgical colleagues go even further and really try to minimize the amount of mobile phone use they engage in. I think that reflects an underlying concern that there may well be a relationship.”His warning to consumers: “minimize the amount of time you spend with your mobile up against your ear.”

Mobile Companies Response
But Australian Mobile Telecommunication Association spokesperson Chris Althaus isn’t concerned. Are you worried about getting a tumor? “No.” Do you use your phone every day? “I use my phone every day and I use it quite a lot every day. So I’m very comfortable personally with the way the research effort conveys, to markets like Australia and globally, the level of safety that you can enjoy while using a mobile phone.”
David’s response is; “I think we need to keep an open mind about this. I think burying our head in the sand is not a good way to go on this issue.”" It ruined the life that I had previously.”" I had all these plans and ideas and so much hope for the future and now that’s all changed. I’ve had to reevaluate everything.”

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