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Question That EMR And Cell Phone Radiation Is A Potential Carcinogen Lessons From History


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Remember that it took decades for the government to respond to the early warnings about tobacco, asbestos, and X-Rays. Cell phones haven’t been around for very long and the technology is relatively new. However, it may benefit us to take a quick look back at history and learn a lesson. The tobacco time line:
• The health effects of tobacco were first debated in 1856 in the medical journal The Lancet
• Dr. Isaac Adler suggested lung cancer was related to smoking in 1912
• A British medical journal published a study in 1950 finding that smokers were 50 times more likely to get lung cancer
• It wasn’t until 1997 that tobacco companies agreed to fund healthcare costs from smoking The X-Ray time line:
• Thomas Edison noted injuries from X-Rays in 1896
• Edison’s assistant died from X-Ray exposure in 1904
• Fluoroscopes were used in shoe stores to see through shoes to aid proper fitting
in 1930
• The deaths of over 200 radiologists from radioactive cancer were published in
1934 • Radiation levels of fluoroscopes were questioned in 1949
• In 1990 the risk of cancer from radiation was found to be five times greater than previously thought The Asbestos time line:
• A British factory inspector warned of asbestos harm in 1898
• Rat studies raised questions about harmful effects of asbestos dust in 1911
• U.S. insurers refused to cover asbestos worker’s claims in 1918
• From 1935 to 1949 lung cancer was reported in asbestos workers
• Asbestos was finally banned in the U.S. in 1989

There is no question that EMR and cell phone radiation is a potential carcinogen. The evidence to support the toxicity and carcinogenicity of cell phone radiation is overwhelming. Current safety standards are archaic and do not address the issues created by current technology in use today. As seen from these timelines it took many, many decades and untold casualties before those carcinogens were ever properly addressed.

Cell phone radiation is a much bigger toxin than tobacco, X-Rays or asbestos due to the sheer numbers of people that use cell phones and wireless technology. Consequently, the numbers of people now being affected is enormous. There isn’t enough time for us to wait for our government or industry to come to the realization that a problem exists. We know that they will be reluctant to make such an admission.

Reasonable precautions must be taken now. The evidence is before us. Research studies tell us there is a problem. We can’t wait until industry and government are forced to admit it. We did that with tobacco, X-Rays and asbestos. The question is this. Are you willing to see this problem for what it is? If so, are you willing to take appropriate measures to do everything possible to protect yourself and your family from this toxin that is everywhere?

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