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Possible Health Risks Associated With Cell Phone Usage Part 1

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The widespread use of cell phones and many studies on cell phones and possible associated health risks have prompted the Acoustic Neuroma Association (ANA) Board of Directors to develop a statement regarding cell phone usage and acoustic neuroma (AN), a benign brain tumor on the eighth cranial nerve, which leads from the brain to the inner ear.

After reviewing research on this vital issue, the ANA Board of Directors concluded that overall the studies don't demonstrate support for an increased risk of developing an AN in frequent cell phone users. Even so, the science suggests that ANs and the most malignant brain cancer increased after 10 years of use and are more pronounced in children's brains. The statement also cites advice to minimize exposure to radiation emitted by cell phones.

The statement is endorsed by the ANA Medical Advisory Board. It is intended as a cautionary alert. The information is not intended to take the place of advice and guidance from a personal physician. It is important to always consult with a physician with questions and concerns, and to remember that early diagnosis of small tumors provides more treatment options and greater success, with the greater possibility of fewer long-term complications.

Here is the ANA statement: Cell Phones and Acoustic Neuroma

There has been much interest and controversy in the past decade regarding the possible role of mobile phones as a cause of brain tumors. The use of cell phones has become ubiquitous around the world and if they played a causative role in a disease process, even such as causing a benign tumor like an acoustic neuroma (AN), it would have tremendous public health implications. According to the International Telecommunication Union, by 2006, 91 persons out of 100 were cell phone subscribers in developed countries. As many as 32 persons per 100 were subscribers in the developing world.
There have been 25 epidemiologic studies published between 1999 and 2008 trying to examine the role of mobile phones in the etiology of brain tumors, including ANs. Most notably, a large study from Sweden by Hardell and colleagues, and a multi-institutional study involving 16 centers in 13 countries called INTERPHONE, have admirably tried to answer this important question.

Overall, the best interpretation of the results of these studies does not demonstrate support for an increased risk of developing an AN in frequent cell phone users. However, the science is very suggestive that the most malignant brain cancer (glioblastoma) and a benign brain tumor of the auditory nerve (acoustic neuroma) increased in cell phone users after 10 years of use, and the effect is more pronounced in children's brains. But the science is not absolutely positive, and research in this area is continuing.

The World Health Organization (WHO) announced that long-term use of cell phones may be linked to elevated risk of some types of brain issues. The conclusion, which is reportedly still inconclusive, is derived from a landmark international study overseen by the WHO that has lasted for decades.
The results, though not entirely conclusive, clearly have concerned the WHO. Dr. Elizabeth Cardis, from WHO, is quoted as saying "In the absence of definitive results and in the light of a number of studies which, though limited, suggest a possible effect of radio-frequency radiation, precautions are important." There is particular concern regarding use by children, as their thinner skulls are less likely to shield the brain from harmful frequencies.

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