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Online Canada Pharmacy Joins the Debate on
Cancer Risk Caused By Cell Phone Radiation

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Scientists and research agencies have been studying the effect of cell phone radiation on users for many years, but when in May 2011, the World Health Organization announced that there was a link between cell phones and cancer, online Canada pharmacy decided to join the debate.

Research has been going on for four years linking cell phone radiation and brain cancer. The earlier conducted short-term studies were not able to provide sufficient evidence that suggested brain cancer was possible. However, extended studies conducted on people using mobile phones for more than 10 years revealed that they had a higher risk of getting brain tumors especially on the side where mobile phones were regularly held.

Recent evidence comes in the form of a documentary called, "Is Your Cellphone Killing You?" that contains interviews with worldwide scientists and experts, social awareness groups, and users who have experienced some form of discomfort of sickness arising out of electromagnetic radiation caused by excessive usage of cell phones. Online Canada pharmacy decided to read further into how much effect it would have on general health and whether chances of a global public health crisis were really on the cards.

The European Parliamentary Committee has already gone on record asking people to be wary of excess usage of cell phones to minimize electromagnetic radiation exposure. Children are required to be especially wary of getting addicted to the technology, as long-term usage would extend through their life, unless drastic measures are taken to reduce the effects of radiation in the longer run. The warning is real. People have to be wary of technology being introduced without health and safety issues.

The documentary actually questions regulations being implemented in New Zealand but effectively highlights a common problem existing across the globe. The pharmacy industry and people in general need to know whether the risk being highlighted can be backed by solid evidence. The question is not whether regulatory bodies will join hands in announcing the danger to the world like the WHO, but also whether a streamlined process is possible similar to what we see in drug monitoring by bodies like the FDA and Health Canada.

It is better to verify the real danger posed to future generations. The first step was taken way back in the 1990s by the International Society for Research on Cancer (IARC) in the form of a multinational case study. It took several years for the body to complete its investigation, and finally when the results were to be declared in the year 2009, it was held back because the methodology used was questioned by scientists in determining whether real risk existed in terms of developing cancer.

The debate has not ended. People will ask questions whether cellphones are safe to use. At present, studies cannot present solid evidence, but caution is warranted when we consider increase in lifestyle diseases. It is time to lead a more healthy life and indulge in activities that do not require the use of technology. Online Canada pharmacy can provide effective Canadian prescription drugs; and people can buy Imitrex and lifestyle related drugs, but an exercise regimen combined with simple living will go a long way in avoiding medication.

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