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Fukushima, Japan and radiation poisoning: what are the real solutions?

A disaster has been evolving in the past few weeks at the Fukushima nuclear power plant in Japan, following the recent earthquake. It has been difficult to assess the extent of harm, but everyone is agreed that it is a catastrophe, and one which some people, such as Greenpeace, are now saying is demonstrably on a par with the Chernobyl disaster in the Ukraine in 1986 if not potentially worse. Musically, it calls to my mind fears of Don McLean’s “day the music died.”
As a result, the dangers of nuclear power – and the discussion of medical solutions in terms of prevention and/or treatment of radiation poisoning – have become all the more essential in many people’s minds, and a real and sensible focus, like musicians fearing the prospect of deafness.
So my question for today’s blog is: what are the real solutions? Read on, and below I will share what I believe to the single most important medical observation we can make on this topic.


In my search for answers, I have spent a few weeks researching the topic in depth. I have a special interest in this area, as radioactivity constitutes what we call a “key toxin.” So I’ve prepared a longer piece for my blog slot next week in which I will look at a number of fundamental aspects to this topic, with a number of images, maps and referenced links, and share a mix of mainstream facts and personal experience, on key questions such as:
*  How does radiation poisoning affect us? Why is it so harmful to human beings?
*  Is radiation poisoning under-diagnosed in general, and to what extent? (And did Franz Schubert get the full recognition he deserved?) Here I’ll also share my own clinical experience in diagnosing and treating for this condition.
*  Is there a simple, easy-to-learn way of diagnosing the effects of radiation poisoning in our internal organs, and of treating them? Which exact remedies work best, and why? (And how long does it take to learn some useful guitar chords?)
* How widespread is nuclear power in the world, and in which countries? Where are the hot-spots of concern? What are the dangers? (And what types of music are abusive to our ears? Apparently, plants respond well to Mozart, but not to heavy metal music. . .)
*  And what about radiation from medical diagnostic tests, such as CT scans? Here I want to show you what a recent mainstream cancer report to the U.S. government has to say, as it may surprise you!


And if anyone has any other questions or thoughts on this topic to throw into the mix, post them below. So on that note, I want to make today’s blog relatively short and sweet, and leave you with a fundamental burning question which is actually the most important point I will be making in next week’s blog, but which I want to present here in its own right as the main topic for today – in order that it doesn’t get lost in the other important info listed above. Let this be the tune we choose to whistle. . . And that point is simply this:
We have all been hearing a lot about iodine, and its medical delivery via potassium iodide tablets, as a “solution” for radiation poisoning. This is like a useful musical harmony, but very far from being a whole symphony. Next week I will discuss the exact uses – and limitations – of this line of treatment: why and when it works, and when it is not relevant or even harmful.


But did you know that this is really a major red herring in the mass media at present? In the USA, for example, stocks of iodine tablets have been reported to be depleted, due to mass panic of people stocking up on them.
Don’t get me wrong, iodine tablets are certainly useful in the case of acute radiation poisoning, with a partial preventative effect on the thyroid lasting 1-3 days only. For this, I am not denying its usefulness. But beyond that, and for the great majority of people in the world, this is not what we should be focusing on. When you do your next Elvis impersonation, we’ll appreciate the rocking, but see that things just aren’t going to work out unless we get some rolling too. Life’s like that. . . So often we focus so much on just one ingredient that we don’t make up a full equation, and then the dance floor is left empty in spite of our good intent! This is another example of the importance of perspective in medicine.
The reason iodine is on everyone’s minds is that radioactive iodine is one of the potential fallout compounds in nuclear contamination, and harms the thyroid gland much more when it is iodine-deficient, due to competitive uptake. I hope you don’t mind that I’m having a musical day, so let’s say that this is like breaking into a jazz concert with a didgeridoo: it’s just not going to wash.


But what almost everyone in the mass media is totally missing is that the thyroid is only one of a number of areas of major concern in radiation poisoning. If we listen to Fats Domino all day, then we’ll forget that the rock ‘n’ roll generation ever came of age. Other key areas of concern include, among many organs and tissues, the immune system – and notably this means the bone marrow, thymus and spleen. This is like saying, ‘Hey, that’s not the only tune on the radio any more, now we’ve also got Dylan, Muse and Manu Chau!‘ Radioactive iodine is only one of the various compounds putting people at risk. Radioactive caesium is another major concern, and this tends to invade the bone marrow and other tissues and potentially cause a serious disturbance of immune function. Iodine tablets are simply irrelevant to combat this. It would be like trying to get the Beatles to write a Punk song, or trying to get Beethoven to understand the twelve-tone scale: you’d better put it out of your mind, because it’s just not going to happen. (The Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry, USA, has compiled a useful in-depth review of the health effects of radioactive and nonradioactive caesium here. Radioactive caesium as well as iodine have been among the main concerns at Fukushima so far).


So the thought I want to leave you with is this:
The bone marrow is the issue we should be focusing on, even more so than the thyroid. This is true of radiation poisoning, and also of medicine in general. Otherwise it would be like focusing on the lead guitarist in a band, while totally missing out on the lead singer. Yes, the lead guitarist is important, but the lead singer is surely a higher first consideration when trying to form a rock band. . .
The bone marrow is our body’s “lead singer” because it is central to everything that happens in the body. Our three main types of blood cell – red, white and platelet – are all manufactured in the marrow of our bones. Let’s think of these as being like our Lennon, McCartney and Harrison – the songwriters without whom there would simply not be any Beatles songs for our body’s cells to sing. These blood cells supply oxygen and nutrients to every organ and tissue in the body (our red cells – let’s call these the ‘McCartney cells’), and also supply the immune system with its “fighter cells” (our white ones – let’s call these the ‘Lennon cells’). When toxins, including radioactive ones, get into the bones, which is one of their ‘preferential’ places of deposition, there is no known method in either conventional medicine or nutritional therapy, or indeed most alternative therapies, either to diagnose or to detoxify these radioactive toxins in the bone marrow.
However, next week I’ll share a method which actually works both for testing and treating the bone marrow.

I am confident that this is a step forward in modern medicine as monumental as ‘Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band’ and ‘The Dark Side of the Moon’ were in opening up modern music to a whole new era of creative possibilities which had previously been unthinkable and unthought-of. Things that weren’t possible in medicine before are becoming not only possible but also easy to learn and implement, although the mainstream has yet to catch on because the techniques are so recent.
This is not a case of presenting one of various alternative methods: this is a method to achieve something that is literally not talked about elsewhere because there has previously been no known method of achieving it, thus the bone marrow is the “elephant in the living room” which most people literally do their best to brush under the carpet but cannot (and so they end up hiding it behind stage). That, indeed, is why you won’t hear much about the bone marrow on the news, and that’s why I see my role here partly as doing my best to help us to shift our minds collectively in pivotal ways like these.
My suggestion, from friend to friend, is that when people talk about nuclear fallout, radiation poisoning, iodine tablets, or even just health in general, the riff that we don’t hear but which should really be “rocking the joint” ought to be: Bone marrow, bone marrow… bone marrow?


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