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Nuclear Radiation Detoxification Part 1


Nuclear Radiation Detoxification, Nuclear Radiation Diet



Radiation detoxification:

1) Potassium iodide KI or KIO3, Lugol’s solution works. Iodine has low toxicity: most people are iodine deficient so high doses are advised. Just a couple (2 to 4) per day sipped in juice. Foods that may prevent the body from using iodine are: turnip, cabbage, mustard greens, cassava root, soybeans, pine nuts and millet. These foods are called goitrogens and excessive consumption can cause goiters so if you are using them temporarily, eat them raw. Iodine is sold as a dietary supplement, but if sold to protect the thyroid from radioactive iodine emitted by a reactor accident might be considered a "prescription drug" so remember, you are obtaining it to supplement your diet.

2) Sulfur containing, thiol rich compounds like MSM and foods like asparagus. Use Innerlight's Mycodetox I and II.

3) Alkalizing green diet and agents such as pH Miracle's pHour salts, pHlush salts and pHlavor salts (pHour salts which contains sodium, magnesium, potassium and calcium bicarbonate away from food, lemon juice in water).

4) Drink 4 to 6 liters of clean, pure and ionized water at a pH of over 9.5 and -250 mV, everyday. Put 5 drops of pH Miracle's Activator in all drinking water.


Minimum radiation doses which damage tissue

The relative sensitivity of various body tissues gives a good idea of the wide range of symptoms the body would likely experience due to heavy doses of radiation. The radiation exposure numbers below represent the minimum damaging doses for body tissues. The unit of dose is the “gray” (abbreviated Gy) which is roughly equivalent to a sievert. The gray represents the absorption of an average of one joule of energy per kilogram of mass in the target material and this new unit has officially replaced the “rad,” an older unit (One gray equals 100 rads):
Fetus–2 grays (Gy).
Bone marrow–2 Gy.
Ovary–2-3 Gy.
Testes–5-15 Gy.
Lens of the eye–5 Gy.
Child cartilage–10 Gy.
Adult cartilage–60 Gy.
Child bone–20 Gy.
Adult bone–60 Gy.
Kidney–23 Gy.
Child muscle–20-30 Gy.
Adult muscle–100+ Gy.
Intestines–45-55 Gy.
Brain–50 Gy.
5) Intravenous chelation or oral supplement your diet with Glutathione, N-acetyl-cysteine and L-taurine. These powerful antioxidants are said to remove radioactive heavy metals. If the contamination is ongoing, the chelation needs to continue.

Acute Radiation Sickness Symptoms

Nausea and vomiting
Skin burns (skin reddening)
Lethargy and fatigue
Loss of appetite (anorexia)
Inflammation of tissues (swelling, redness or tenderness)Hemorrhages under the skin
Bleeding from your nose, gums or mouth
Anemia (low red blood cell count)
Hair loss (usually from just the scalp)
Decrease in platelets
6) L-Glutamine may help rebuild the gut if the GI tract is damaged

7) If the blood systen is impacted, pH Miracle Greens, liquid chlorophyll and green fruit and vegetables will be helpful in building new healthy red blood cells and useful to rebuild the white blood cells.

Cancer may strike about 4.5% of people exposed to radiation in the 1-Gy range, and one-quarter of those individuals will likely contract leukemia. Data from Hiroshima residents showed an increased frequency of lymphocyte chromosomal transmutations after the blast and workers involved in the Chernobyl cleanup showed a 20% increase in transmutation frequency.

All of the well-known cancer preventives become critically important. Radiation damages the alkaline buffering system which protects us from cancer and inserts an agent which damages our genetic make-up leading, much as GMOs do, to foreign proteins being coded for by that damaged DNA. The biochemical (i.e., nutritional) protections like abundant antioxidants, avoiding acidic toxins (including GMOs and chemically produced food, dental and other x-rays, TSA scanners, etc.) become crticially important at this time. The danger of "ionizing radiation" exposure is not just short term. When the reactors are capped and controlled, you will still be dealing with the long term dangers associated with acidic "ionizing radiation" exposure, in essence, for the rest of your life.


Physical safety and protection during a radiation emergency


1) Close all doors and windows and fireplace dampers (exposed to outside air).

2) Turn off all fans, air conditioners and heating units that bring in air from the outside (since it may be contaminated).

3) Bring the family and pets inside.

4) Move to an inner room or basement because it affords much higher radiation shielding. If you are advised to evacuate, follow the directions provided and leave the area as quickly as possible; it may not be possible to self-shield at home, but if that is possible, that may be your safest option. If you have to leave, take along a flashlight, portable radio, batteries, first-aid kit, supply of sealed alkaline food and water, can opener, nutritional supplements, and sufficient cash and credit cards.


Protective Steps to Take


1) Iodine supplements are effective in blocking thyroid uptake of radioactive Iodine, but have NO OTHER PROTECTIVE EFFECT – NONE! If you do not have Potassium Iodide tablets or supplement-grade iodine, use tincture of Iodine by painting it on your skin: paint 8 ml of a 2 percent tincture of Iodine on the abdomen or forearm approximately 2 hours prior to contamination. That would be now. Do it daily until further notice. You will probably notice a general increase in your general health and well-being, as many people are chronically Iodine deficient; but do not over do it!. Do not drink or swallow other forms of iodine because they are poisonous. Do not drink Betadine or iodine water purification tablets!

2) Take 1, 130 mg. tablet of KI or KIO3 every 24 hours. Reduce dose based on the weight of children. Nursing and pregnant women should take the adult dose and infants should receive 1/8 tablet.

3) Cobalt 60 is believed to be drawn out of the body with an Epsom Salts bath or our Deep Sea Hawaiian Salts, available soon at www.phmiracle.com.

Instructions: Dissolve 1 pound of Deep Sea Hawaiian sea salt or rock salt and 1 pound of sodium bicarbonate soda in a warm bath and soak into an alkaline bath water until the bath becomes cool. This usually takes about 20-25 minutes. Afterward, do not shower or rinse the Deep Sea Hawaiian salt off your body for 4-8 hours.

4) A pH Miracle Activator bath is believed to remove heavy metals (a serious problem in nuclear reactor accidents) and chemical contaminants. Take 1 two ounce bottle of pH Miracle Activator and empty into a warm bath and soak for at least 20-25 minutes. Do not wash off for at least 4 hours and make sure you use sufficient alkaline water at a pH of 9.5.

5) A pH Miracle pHour Salts Bath Instructions: Just add 1 cup of pHour salts to a tub of hot water — ascan be tolerated — and once again soak in it until the water becomes cool or body temperature. Don’t wash off for at least 4 hours and make sure you’re using sufficient water. Use a lot of alkaline water and do not increase the amount of bleach.

During these baths, it is advisable to sip 1/2 teaspoon of phour Salts (sodium bicarbonate) in warm water with radioactive fallout. I recommend a stronger mixture of drinking an 8-ounce glass of water containing -teaspoon natural Deep Sea Hawaiian sea salt (pH Miracle brand) and -teaspoon pH Miracle pHour Salts. According to the severity, drink every 2-3 hours and each glass is to be taken with 4 capsules of pH Miracle's pHlush. If you are experiencing symptoms in the head, sinuses, chest, glands, neck, throat, then add -teaspoon of fresh organic lemon juice to the mixture. Once again, don’t shower for at least 4 hours after the bath.

6) pH Miracle's Terra Cleanse montmorillonite clay baths are important detoxification strategies. Follow the instructions on the product. Do not do detox baths more than once a day. You can also take 1 scoop of the pH Miracle Terra Cleanse in 3 to 4 ounces of alkaline water and sip while take a detox bath.

7) Organic, uncontaminated wakame, kombu and other seaweed, Hokkaido pumpkin, and pH Miracle's Deep Sea Hawaiian salt are traditionally held to be protective against radiation, as the clinical results of atsuichiro Akizuki, M.D in a hospital outside of Nagasaki showed.

8) All acidic forms of sugars and sweets suppress the immune system for up to 6 hours and MUST BE AVOIDED at all costs.

9) 5 grams of pH Miracle green powder per day is protective against radiation sickness, according to the clinical experiences of doctors in Russia following Chernobyl. In fact, Russian health authorities declared that wheat and barley grasses accelerates the evacuation of radionuclides from the human body. Wheat and barley grasses found in the pH Miracle Greens contains large amounts of beta carotene, a compound which prevents acid damage to cells and is useful in treating and prevention of cancer, and free iron, which helps people recover from the anemia which leads to a great many of the radiation-related problems following exposure.

10) Wheat and barley grass contained in the pH Miracle Greens also contains high proportions of metallo-thionine compounds which combine with radioactive metals so they can be eliminated.

11) Sodium alginate (Alginic acid) is found in kelp, bladderwrack and Nori seaweed. Their consumption allowed many Japanese atomic bomb victims to survive since Sodium alginate binds with radioactive strontium. If this is accurate, kelp with its Iodine content may be doubly beneficial in the current circumstances.

12) Eating members of the kelp family, including kombu, sea palm, wakame, nori is a very, very good idea, but it must not come from the Pacific AFTER this radiation accident! Liquid chlorophyll is said to have a radioprotective effect because it is held to absorb gamma rays emitted from the radioactive particles in your body following contamination. A chlorophyll rich diet increases the survival of experimental animals after lethal doses of radiation.

13) I do not recommend zeolyte compounds because they are highly acidic with a pH of 1 to 2, and contain a toxic aluminum compounds.

14) The Schuessler cell salts contained in all of my InnerLight products which will be needed after radiation exposure are contained in my Mega-Multi Vitamin:
Calcarea Phosphorica (Phosphate of Lime), abbreviated as Calc. Phos
Kali Phosphoricum (Phosphate of Potash or Potassium) or Kali. Phos
Magnesia Phosphorica (Magnesium Phosphate) or Mag. Phos.
Natrum Phosphoricum (Phosphate of Soda) or Nat. Phos.
Ferrum Phosphoricum (Phosphate of Iron) or Fer. Phos.
Natrum Sulphuricum (Sulphate of Soda) or Nat. Sulph.
Kali Sulphuricum (Sulphate of Potash) or Kali. Sulph.
Calcarea Sulphurica (Sulphate of Lime) or Calc. Sulph.
Kali Muriaticum (Chloride of Potash) or Kali. Mur.
Natrum Muriaticum (Sodium Chloride) or Nat. Mur.
Calcium Fluorica (Fluoride of Lime) or Calc. Fluor.
Silicea (Silica).
Ralph Fucetola JD has an Interesting site, with a USA map of radiation detectors updated every 3 minutes: http://www.radiationnetwork.com/

Cesium 137 is a serious problem and is currently being emitted by the radiation contamination in Japan. Foods high in Calcium and Potassium are very helpful in replacing it and helping it to be eliminated from the body.

15) Vitamin D is depleted by Strontium 90 so extra pH Miracle Vitamin D3 is a very good idea. Lots of Vitamin D3 — at least 50,000 IU per day is generally a good idea for supporting the immune system. Iodine, Zinc, Calcium and Sulfur are important supplements as well to prevent their radioactive counterparts from becoming part of your biology. I strongly recommend our pH Miracle high potency mineral supplement, called pH Miracle Minerals and MSM called MycoDetox II on a daily basis except when you are having a chelation treatment. Other minerals which are both protective and important on their own for healthy functioning includes selenium, vanadium and boron.

16) Nutrients should be taken in high potency supplements as well including lycopene, beta carotene (mentioned above) and, of course, the grand daddy of all the acid quenchers, high doses of glutathione, NAC, and alpha lipoic acid. I would suggest taking 2 500 mg capsules of pH Miracle Gluthathione, 1 capsule of NAC 3 times a day and 1 capsule of R-factor lipoic acid 3 times a day. To potentiate Gluathione take 1 capsule of phosphotidyl choline 3 times a day. Our pH Miracle baby organically sprouted Soy protein powder, which contains high amounts of cysteine, are also often given to cancer patients (one tablespoon daily) because of their high cysteine content which allows the body to make more anti-oxidant glutathione.

17) Chlorophyll-containing foods and supplements containing wheat, barley, and kamut grass found in the pH Miracle greens should be added to all alkaline water with 5 drops of Activator and 1 ounce of liquid chlorophyll.

Chlorophyll closely resembles human blood and is used to cleanse, detoxify, purify and heal many conditions. It prevents bacterial and yeast growth or transformations from existing body cells, detoxifies heavy metals from the body, increases wound healing, detoxifies the liver and other organs, deodorizes the body, removes putrefactive bacteria from the colon, aids healing of 11 types of skin diseases, relieves ulcers, gastritis, pancreatitis and other inflammatory conditions, helps heal gum diseases, and inhibits radiation and the metabolic activation of many carcinogens. Many studies have reported the protective effects of chlorophyll on irradiated animals.

18) Coenzyme Q10 or the pH Miracle Co-Factor 10This substance protects against many chemicals and radiation, offering immense benefits to the supporting of the immune system and retarding the aging process caused by acidosis. Sufferers of heart problems, high blood pressure, angina, and obesity often find this substance to be helpful in managing symptoms. Natural levels decline with age; therefore, supplementation is needed. Try our liquid Co-Factor 10 at least 3 times a day as directed.

19) Proanthocyanadins (Grape seed extract/Pycnogenol)

Considered to be one of the most powerful antioxidants or free acid scavengers, grape seed extract helps counteract stress, pollution and radiation. I would recommend taking InnerLight's Pronogenol, 2 capsules 3 times a day.

20) Wheat and Barley Grass Powders

Wheat and b arley grass is a totally alkaline food. It contains all of the nutrients required for life, vitamins, minerals, alkaline buffers and other proteins (amino acids), essential fatty acids and chlorophyll. Wheat and barley grass has thousands of living phyto-nutriients (a special protein). Phyto-nutrients are nature’s biological catalysts that initiate all the chemical transformations in the body. Over 3,000 phyto-nutrients have been identified. They are required for every transformation in the body – digestion, cell respiration, bodily movements, thinking processes, detoxification, cancer control, fat, protein and carbohydrate metabolism, etc.The normal daily amount of pH Miracle Greens which contains wheat and barley and even kamut grass is 1-3 teaspoons (1 tsp = 2 grams) in 1 liter of water and drinking a minimum of 4 liters a day.

How do you protect yourself from the nuclear fallout of "ionizing radiation" coming our way NOW!!! from Japan that can cause serious illness and disease?

It is important to understand that "ionizing radiation," that can cause destructive body tissue damage from nuclear radiation exposure is the "effect" of nuclear radiation, which is caused by the removal of electrons from atoms, creating hydrogen ions or protons or environmental acids that can destroy animal or human life!

In the case of nuclear radiation or "ionizing radiation," tissue damaging hydrogen ions or acids from the environment can lead to serious illness and disease, causing cancer, leukemia and neurological disease, just to name a few!

Oxidation or fermentation is either the loss of electrons or the gain of protons or hydrogen ions (H+). All acids are proton or hydrogen ion (H+) donors, and therefore oxidizing or fermenting agents to the blood and tissues. When the body tissues are exposed to strong "ionizing radiation" or acids, whether from the environment (Japan's Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station), or from diet or from metabolism they can cause body tissue damage leading to serious illness and disease.

I just received these video reports about the nuclear meltdown at the Fukushima Daiihi Nuclear Power Plant in Japan due to the earthquakes and tsunami.

The radiation leakage from this nuclear plant is coming to the United States, Canada and other countries NOW!!!!


See YouTube Video Here

TO COMBAT THE ACIDIC EFFECTS OF "IONIZING RADIATION," YOU WILL NEED TO IMMEDIATELY START TAKING pHour Salts formula by pH Miracle, which contains reducing agents of "ionizing radiation" or acids in the form of sodium, magnesium, potassium and calcium bicarbonate.

I have also prepared a special formulation of mineral salts called pHlavor, which contains high concentrations of alkalizing mineral salts to protect the endocrine system, including the thyroid from destructive "ionizing radiation."

Finally, I would suggest drinking pH Miracle Greens, eating liberal amounts of green fruit and vegetables and especially drink electron-rich ionizing water made from our Chanson Water Ionizers.

Bottom line - To protect yourself from "ionizing radiation" you must maintain the alkaline design of the body with an alkaline lifestyle and diet. Read The pH Miracle Revised and Updated to learn how to protect yourself from hydrogen ions or acid created from "ionizing radiation."


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