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New Study Links Prenatal Cell Phone Radiation Expose To Behavioral Problems


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There has been a lot of debate in recent years about the effect radiation from cell phones may have on human health. Some experts have made dire predictions, while others have suggested that it will have little effect.

A new study published in the journal Scientific Reports is joining the debate. In it, researchers claim that radiation from cell phones may affect the brains of developing fetuses, causing changes that may predispose them to behavioral problems like attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

The findings were based on a study involving mice. Researchers from the Yale School of Medicine exposed the animals to cell phone radiation while they were pregnant and examined the effects on the offspring.

Results from the trial showed that the offspring of mice exposed to cell phone radiation were more likely to be hyperactive and had reduced memory. Furthermore, the researchers found that these mice had altered neuronal development in the prefrontal cortex areas of their brains. This may account for why these animals were less able to control their behaviors.

The researchers said that rates of ADHD have been increasing in recent years, as has the number of cell phone users. The findings of the study suggest that these two trends may be related. Still, the fact that the trial was conducted in lab mice makes it difficult to extrapolate the findings to humans. The same processes may not necessarily take place.

For this reason, the researchers recommended that further research be conducted to study the effects of prenatal cell phone radiation exposure. Determining if there is indeed the same kind of link between cell phone radiation and behavioral problems could play an important role in the prevention of behavioral problems like ADHD.

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