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New Research Shows Cell Phones are Dangerous

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You might wonder why this is a ludicrous finding, but you will instantly understand once you learn that: their definition of a "heavy" user was someone who used a cell phone about two hours … a month!

What this means is that if you use your cell phone for two hours a month or more, you may be doubling your risk of a potentially fatal brain tumor. Use your cell phone significantly more than that, and your risk is likely much, much higher.
This study does absolutely nothing to address the hundreds of millions of cell phone users who easily have exposure up to FIFTY times higher.

Other studies too, like the review of 11 long-term epidemiologic studies published in the journal Surgical Neurology, have revealed that using a cell phone for 10 or more years increases your risk of developing a brain tumor.

The 2009 special EMF issue of the Journal of Pathophysiology also contains over a dozen different studies on the health effects of wireless technology and electromagnetic fields.

Hobart Burnie, Tasmania,
Hamilton, Victoria,
Sydney, Australia,
St. Lucia, Castries,
Montenegro, Podgorcia,
South Africa,
Angola, Luanda,
Vanuatu, Port Vila,
Parramatta, Australia,
Antigua and Barbuda, St. John's


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