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    Mobile phone Radiation for children?

Nonetheless , the landmark point at which over fifty percent of UK kids aged between five and nine own mobiles has been passed, according to investigate by Josh Dhaliwal, the founder of MobileYouth, a consultant research consultancy that tracks young folks's technology use. Heaps of youngsters's telephones have a tendency to be hand-me-downs from adults, he asserts. My sister gave her seven-year-old child a mobile for her birthday and that is about ordinary now. Sensibilities are rapidly changing : a poll by Populous advised that the amount of oldsters who think that it is all right to permit a kid under twelve to have a mobile telephone has increased by at least a 3rd during the past twelve months. Till now, fears of a parental comeback have discouraged mobile networks from promoting handsets in the United Kingdom in particular for the young.

A planned Disney service targeted at those aged eight to fourteen was dumped in 2006 due to an inauspicious retail environment.

All that is on the point of changing, announces Dhaliwal. Enter the candy-coloured, brightly lit Firefly Mobile, specifically designed for youngsters aged from four to twelve, with simplified controls ( only 5 buttons ) and a proscribed set of functions. Kevin and Frances Crean, a Dublin-based man and better half who are selling it, say the telephone will launch in the United Kingdom on a major network before the end of the year. The toy-like handset has an on switch, an off switch and 2 buttons with a masculine and feminine figure on one calls mum, the other pa ( excellent for traditional families ). Another button accesses a telephone book that contains up to twenty numbers. The telephone book is PIN-protected and so can be entered, to start with at least, only under parental supervision. The telephone can't download net files and can be set up to dam calls from numbers that it does not recognize.

Frances Crean, a mom of 3, says a family panic led them to go looking for a youngster-friendly phone : In summer 2006 we had a health frighten with our child. She was six and attending a day camp when she developed a sore neck and a rash classic signs of meningitis. No-one at the camp had approached us to assert that she was indisposed, but when she was picked up we realized that she looked really unwell and rushed her to infirmary. Thankfully we got the all-clear. We needed to find a telephone that is safe for her and found this one being made in America. We felt that if we did not market it now, somebody else would. It helped that her husband is a previous sales director for a mobile telephone company, though Crean, 34, announces the 85 telephone's specifically limited features mean that it is no great money-spinner for network operators.

They don't seem to be engineered to inspire kids to spend a little time talking. Nor are you able to take photos or send texts, though on one of our models kids can receive them. The telephone's text-less nature implies that it is much less sure to be misused in the playground for virtual bullying.

The creators also claim that it produces levels of electric radiation that are below the ECU advocated levels. These boundaries are set for adult use of telephones : the EU Parliament has counseled ECU ministers to bring in tougher boundaries for kids's exposure.


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