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Mobile & Computer Negative Effect on Health
Part 2

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Based on experimental research in a book written by Andersen, computer games with violent content have the same level of exposure such as exposure to violence in television channel. Even a study shows that video games (video games) have a greater ability to make children become less sensitive to violence than any television or life experiences that intersect with violence.

Fear of the computer is struck almost a third of the population of adult computer users. Some consequences of the most scary case against the computer is perceived nausea, vertigo, and broke into a sweat. The cause of their fear there are many things and one of them because of fears they will get a disaster by pressing the wrong key. In this case their fears associated with the level of privacy that can be penetrated because of their mistakes such as pressing the button image in internet spam. Other causes are feeling out of control felt by the people has no access to non-technical or technical skills on the computer when faced with complex technical systems and make it difficult.

Computer addiction can also create a tendency in all people who use computers. This feeling is to encourage people to continually use the computer like a person suffering from drug addiction. Feature that offers computer and accidentally formed just as the computer becomes a drug must be taken and if not taken will generate its own pain experienced by its users. Existing sites in the internet with the services and satisfaction can meet the needs of people who wear them. Game sites, interactive communication services to make computers become commodity technology that can not be separated from human life just as the existence of cell phones today. Pain makes people addicted to constantly use the computer experts say is an indication of the formation of media habits. And the deadly addiction can destroy human life.

Eyes are organs of the body most prone to illness due to work, because too often focus on the eyeball to the screen. Display screens are too bright hot colors like red, yellow, purple, orange will be more accelerated fatigue in the eye. Apart from that, the reflection of light (glare) on the display monitor that comes from other sources such as windows, lighting, etc., will increase the burden of the eye. Workspace lighting also affects the burden of the eye. (1.3) Use the monitor screen is not ergonomic can cause a complaint to the eye. Based on this research, 77% of users will experience a monitor screen at eye complaints, ranging from a sense of soreness and pain in the eyes, red eyes, watery eyes, to the irritation of the eyes of even the possibility of eye cataracts.

When the computer operator to use soft contact lens (lens of the eye), eye fatigue will be felt sooner, because the eyes are in a state of focus to the screen so that the ball will rarely blinks his eyes rapidly became dry and this causes friction between the lens and eyelids. Space-cooled (AC) would be more aggravating friction, because the air conditioned room air is dry so the tears would come to yawn. According to the research by the author, for a computer operator who works eight hours per day continuously, apparently out of the computer radiation (especially X-rays) is very low, approximately 0.01739 m Rem per year. This price is much lower than the radiation coming from cosmic rays and radiation from the earth (terresterial radiation) ranging 145 m Rem per year. While the radiation dose rate allowed for the general public is 500 m Rem per year

Lately, many sold glass monitor screen filter to filter the radiation that was promoted as an exit from komputer.kaca filters on the market are better suited as a filter glare (glare) from the light of computer screens, not as a radiation filter. (2)
When this printer is the lowest noise laser printer system. High noise can affect the human nervous and this can result in fatigue and soreness. The noise limits are allowed to work for less than eight hours per day is 80 dB. Whereas the ideal working space is to the noise around 40-50 dB. If there is work in the space of the refrigeration (AC), then the noise will grow apart from the sound of the printer.

RSI is a term that refers to several variations of skeletal muscle complaints (musculoskeletal). This complaint concerns known to the muscle tendon pain. RSI covers the upper arm disorders associated with the work (the Work-Related Upper Limb Disorders) and overuse injuries associated with working (Occupational Injuries Overuse).

These complaints mainly suffered by the workers with a static sitting position when using a computer or using repetitive hand movements (repetitive) every day, a static workload (such as holding a mouse), allowing the arm bends, and the like in a long time. It will get worse if the workplace is not ergonomically designed, for example the position of the keyboard and the monitor that is too high or too low, the chair does not support the body to sit upright, and so forth.

This will get worse if the work environment plus the less mobile, less rest, containing high stress with deadlines and other regular reporting as well. Especially if you are a smoker, suffering from obesity (obesity), muscle weakness, have a hand that feels cold and lack of exercise.

Mobile & Computer Negative Effect on Health Part 1

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