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Mobile Phones Cause Cancer?

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Cell Phone Sensitivity

by Karenym

In my earlier articles I talked about how our sick house caused my husband’s death from cancer and my former neurological problems. In Article #9, the question is: Can Cell Phones be Made Safe and Even Healthy?

This article discusses the health dangers from cell phones, whether you use one or not, and how to protect yourself. Many other researchers now believe that cell phones could be the biggest health issue since tobacco. I believe that regular use of cell phones ranks right up there with geopathic stress. Both of these sources can and do cause life threatening diseases. It may just take a few years, so most people do not realize what is happening to them.

Cell phones are a source of unshielded microwave radiation and numerous studies correlate their use to health problems, including cancer. Similar to the dangers from second-hand tobacco smoke, whenever anyone uses a cell phone, the “second-hand irradiation” extends up to 100 yards, so you are being adversely affected even if you do not own a cell phone!

Dr. George Carlo co-authored a book with Martin Schram entitled Cell Phones: Invisible Hazards in the Wireless Age. Carlo was originally hired by the cell phone industry to prove their safety, but that’s not what he found and he has become the industry’s whistle-blower. Years ago he discovered and detailed in this book that cell phones do emit health destroying energies including those that can damage our DNA.
A recent Swedish study found that using a cell phone for only an hour a day increases your risk of getting a brain tumor by 240%.

Other research has shown that brain cancer in children and young adults is up 26% from cell phones and that brain tumors are now the biggest cancer killer in children.
In October 2009, the 10 year International Interphone study confirmed:
“The Use of Mobile Phone Is Carcinogenic.” A series of studies have consistently shown an increased risk of brain tumors among people who use cell phones for more than 10 years. This International Epidemiologic Research Study gathered 13 countries together for this study. The US did not participate.

If you read any research reports, first look to see who is funding them. The research that has been funded by the cell phone industry has been spun to show the lowest risks. The independently funded research much more clearly shows the cancer causing affects from using cell phones.
Using an iPhone is even worse because they act as a base station, so you are getting even more radiation.

My own research and testing is based on how our body actually reacts energy-wise and instantly to whatever it is exposed to, including using a cell phone. When you are using a cell phone, your body is instantly weakened from the radiation and other toxic frequencies transmitted. These toxins then can be, and usually are, stored in your body.
I think the best thing is for you to not take my word on this! Learn how to test your cell phone yourself or find a friend or practitioner to test you, so you can see how your body reacts and how effective any products are for you. As I mentioned in a previous article, the Vega testing techniques detailed in my book are much more accurate of what is really happening in and to your body. These testing details for cell phones start on page 246 in my book: Our Energetic Evolution in Healing: The Secrets to Surviving the Unseen Forces That are Killing You.

I wanted to feel safe using a cell phone, so I also created a product to place on them that neutralizes the toxicity before it has a chance to enter my body. These advanced testing techniques confirm that it is Effective and Well Tolerated.
I now believe that carrying and using a cell phone that has been neutralized is healthier than not having a cell phone at all. This is because the product on the cell phone is almost as good as wearing one. It is protecting my body from all the other electromagnetic stresses I am being exposed to, such as from electricity, other people’s cell phones and all wireless gadgets.
I have heard from clients who had headaches daily from using cell phones and the headaches have now disappeared.

I have seen seizures. My husband had them from his brain tumors and I was with him during all but one of them. They are a very scary thing to experience with a complete sense of helplessness. So I know about seizures and I know about brain tumors and what they can do and I am still using my cell phone, now that it is neutralized. I can use a cell phone for hours and I don’t feel or test for any negative effects. Without that protection, I would only use a cell phone for an emergency.
I cannot and would not guarantee that people would not get a brain tumor if they used my product on their cell phone. The best I can say is that I am comfortable using them, even with what I know and as sensitive as my body is.
In a future video series I will demonstrate how to test cell phones so you can see what they do to you and how to test to see which products work effectively to protect you.

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