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Mobile Phones And Brain Tumors Part 1

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The tumor was on the same side of the head where she held her cell phone and was shaped like the cell phone antenna. Cell phones and brain tumors The case has widespread media attention far and has been featured in CNN Larry King Show.
Although the claim was dismissed by the court for lack of sufficient evidence, it was a PR nightmare for the wireless industry. It also marked the beginning of the global search for a definitive answer to the question: Are cell phones safe or not? Is it cancer and other degenerative diseases? Brain cancer by 25% since the popular mobile phones. Every year there are 183,000 more cases in the U.S. alone. Some health experts say that there is a connection with cell phone use, but there is evidence?

In an effort to negative publicity from the high-profile action diffuse, the mobile phone industry to prove itself funded a million-dollar research program that phones are safe. After 6 years of intensive research, however, the results were not what they sought. Dr. George Carlo, the chief scientist of the program found evidence that cell phones bring some health risks, possibly even cancer.

The first evidence of cancer out that the mobile phone industry shake came in 1997. Dr. Michael Repacholi and his colleagues at the Royal Adelaide Hospital in South Australia reported that long-term exposure causes the type of radiation coming from digital mobile phones, an increase in the incidence of lymphoma in mice. The study received widespread international media attention because it is the first time that cancer was on the phone was connected in a well-conducted study

a connection between cell phone radiation and cancer show you can look at various studies Dr. Carlo investigated the whistle him talk that way. This red-flag findings provide the pieces that fit together to form the cancer picture:
- DNA damage in human blood studies
- Breakdown in the blood-brain barrier
- studies in human tumors associated with the mobile phone
- studies of mobile phone radiation dose and response

DNA damage in human blood
All tumors and all cancers are the result of genetic damage. Most often that damage includes the formation of micronuclei – fragments of chromosomes that form membranes around themselves and appear under the microscope as additional nuclei in blood cells (which are typically only a single core). The relationship between micronuclei and cancer is so strong that doctors around the world to test for their presence for patients likely to develop cancer identified. The presence of micronuclei indicates that the cells can no longer properly repair broken DNA. This deficiency is diagnosed as an indication of an increased risk of cancer

-. In December 1998, Drs Ray Tice and Graham Hook of Integrated Systems Laboratory in North Carolina have shown that blood cells exposed to cell phone radiation suffer genetic damage in the form of micronuclei. In their studies, DNA and chromosome damage in human white blood cells occurred when exposed to the signals from all types of phones – analog, digital, and PCS. Damage even from signals occurring at a SAR value under the government “safety” guideline was

-. Using different methods, the above statement by Dr. Joseph Roti Roti of Washington University in St. Louis 2000 certified. His research showed that human blood cells exposed to radiation from mobile phone frequencies actually develop genetic damage in the form of micronuclei. This finding received notice much, because Dr. Roti Roti is a prominent scientist who works HIW under-funding from Motorola Inc.
This has very serious implications. If cell phone radiation promotes the formation of micronuclei in blood cells and micronuclei should be “biological markers” for cancer, then based on these studies alone cell phone use could be said to increase the risk of cancer.

Breakdown Of The Blood-Brain Barrier
The blood-brain barrier is a special filter in the blood vessels of the brain that keeps dangerous chemicals reaching sensitive brain tissue and causing DNA breaks and other damage.

- In 1994 and again in 2002, Dr. Leif Salford of Lund University in Stockholm, Sweden found in his studies that rats, cell phone radiation, a breakdown in the blood-brain barrier, and showed areas of shrunken, damaged neurons.
The micronuclei studies Tice, Hook and Roti Roti and the blood-brain results of Salford a two-step explanation how could his cancer caused by cell phone radiation
Step One: . A leak or a breakdown in the blood-brain barrier would be a way for cancer-causing chemicals into the bloodstream (from tobacco, pesticides, air pollution, etc.) to leak into the brain and damage sensitive brain tissue that would otherwise protected. These chemicals can damage the DNA to break into the brain or other harm to reach those cells

Step Two. While a number of studies have shown that cell phone radiation by itself does not appear to break DNA, the micronuclei findings suggest that the DNA-repair mechanisms affecting the brain cells. Micronuclei result from a breakdown of the cell’s ability to repair itself. If the brain cells can not repair itself to be, then carcinogenesis – the creation of tumors – induced by chemical toxins could begin DNA, the genetic material of an organism and its different cells with .. Damage that goes unrepaired affects the future generation of cells. The change has witnessed and the mutation is considered as a possible cause of cancer.

Tumors In Humans, Carried Out With The Phone
Epidemiological studies by various researchers using different methods, show use some evidence of increased risk of tumors in people who have cell phones
-. 1998 Dr. Ken Rothman of Eidemiology Resources, Inc. in Newton, Massachusetts, a study shows that users of handheld phones have more than twice as likely to die than car phone users brain tumors -. the antennas are on the body of the car, far away from the people’s heads installed – 1998, Joshua Muscat, a scientist from the American Health Foundation, showed in his study a doubling of risk for the development of neuro-epithelial tumors on the outside of the brain among cell phone users, especially on the side of the skull where cell phone antennas are held during the talks.

Mobile Phones And Brain Tumors Part 2

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