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A cell phone is more of a luxury than a necessity, right? Unless you're a teenage girl, who would probably rather give up food than texting, many of us consider owning a cell phone a wonderful convenience. So in the developing world, where millions have trouble accessing ample food, clean water and basic health care, providing mobile phones would be a wasteful extravagance, right?

Maybe not. Among the myriad of new services and applications available through cellular technology are a number of mobile phone health management applications that can provide medical support where little is found. Mobile connections can be used by health care professionals out in the field. Even when working far away from a clinic or hospital, they can call for support, advice from specialists, or report outbreaks of diseases.

As mobile phones have become cheaper, their potential in poor countries has expanded. Phones are a lot more prevalent than doctors or hospital beds! An inexpensive mobile device can be used as a handy reminder: when it's time to take medications or undergo HIV testing or get vaccinations. More sophisticated applications may even ease the burden on overstressed healthcare systems.
For example, medical hotlines have been set up in some areas where people don't have access to doctors. They can use their cell phones to call in for advice, even if they don't have the use of a fixed line. Medical phone surveys help health professionals pinpoint areas where diseases may be breaking out.

Perhaps in time, systems now used in the developed world will make their way to places with limited health care. A number of devices and applications can be used to supply biofeedback. This personal feedback can be utilized to monitor treatment of chronic diseases. For example, mobile diabetes management can evaluate food intake, measure blood sugar levels and recommend insulin amounts based upon a patient's stored personal information along with sensors in a device attached to a phone. Patients who need to monitor epilepsy, asthma, or cardiac care can also do so through mobile phone health management.
These systems, already available and beneficial here, could be life-saving in an area with little access to doctors. Not such a luxury item after all.

Georgia, T'bilisi
Bolivia, Sucre
Namibia, Windhoek
Kazakhstan, Astana
El Salvador, San Salvador
Kiribati, Tarawa
Durham, North Carolina, USA
Egypt, Cairo: city limits
Lebanon, Beirut
Codrington (capital of Barbuda)


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