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Miscarriages and High Blood Pressure Caused By Electromagnetic Radiation and Cell Phones

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Blood pressure can be increased simply from being exposed to a cell phone. A German study, published in The Lancet , reported that blood pressure was elevated in a group of volunteers when cell phones were randomly turned on and off without the participants knowledge. (51) Miscarriages have also been linked to electromagnetic radiation exposure. In one of the many studies that have been conducted in this area one thousand pregnant women were shown to have a 180% increased risk for miscarriage when exposed to intermittent magnetic fields as low as 16 milligauss. (52)
We Can’t Escape the Radiation Researchers have shown that one doesn’t have to own a cell phone to be exposed to electromagnetic radiation.

There are so many cell phones users surrounding each of us who are making calls on their cell phones that we are constantly being exposed as those cell phones connect with the cell phone towers and other callers. Plus, there are now wireless networks everywhere. And it’s worse than second-hand smoke because these radio waves are invisible. You may not own a cell phone or use one very often. But there is always someone around you using a cell phone or wireless network. And those cell phones and wireless networks are emitting signals, or radiation, to maintain their connection. So the signals are everywhere and each and every one of us is caught in the crossfire. There simply is no way to escape it.

Cell Phones Were Never Safety Tested Before Being Sold

When cell phones came onto the market in 1983 they did so without any pre-market safety testing. How was this allowed? Normally, any consumer device that emits radiation would be required to go through specific safety testing to determine if there would be any risk to the population. But based on information from the cell phone industry the cell phone became exempt from any such testing. The information provided by the cell phone industry to the government at that time stated that the only harm that could come from this type of radiation had to do with the heating effect on biological tissues.

Because cell phones operated at such a very low power it was not possible for them to heat biological tissue. Therefore, the government excluded cell phones from the requirement of doing any pre-market safety testing. The microwave oven was used as the example in the cell phone industry’s claim. The microwave oven produces microwaves, i.e. radiation, that oscillate at a very high frequency. These microwaves are also driven by a very high source of power. When a food item is placed in a microwave oven it causes the water molecules in the food to move very rapidly. This increased activity produces friction that, in turn, produces heat. When this occurs long enough food will cook. It’s a fairly simple process.

Obviously, exposing the human body to those microwaves wouldn’t be wise since the heating effect would eventually heat and destroy human tissue. So to make the microwave radiation used by cell phones safe the cell phone manufacturers simply lowered the power used to drive those frequencies. Since the power used by cell phones was so much lower than a microwave oven the heating effect did not take place. Therefore, the cell phone was presumed to be safe. The rationale was that if only a small amount of power was used and it wasn’t strong enough to heat human tissue then no damage would occur.

No heat, no harm. And that was the assumption that was used by the federal government to allow cell phones to be sold and manufactured. Current standards for safe radiation exposure are based solely on this heating, or thermal effect. No testing was ever done to evaluate whether or not the frequencies themselves might be harmful. This was left to chance discovery. It is a giant experiment that every cell phone user is participating in today. We now know that the mechanism causing damage is not a thermal or heating effect issue but is something more subtle and even more damaging.

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