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The World Health Organization defines EHS as:
The wide variance in RFR exposure limits around the world is due to the fact that some countries dismiss non-thermal biological effects from RFR exposure. Their limits only protect against thermal heating. Many countries, in Europe as well as Russia and China have lower limits that factor in the non-thermal cumulative effects, which have been shown to occur at levels thousands of times lower than the thermal effects.

The BioInitiative Report recommends an RFR exposure level of 0.1 W/cm2. Our standard is 1,000 W/cm2. According to Norbert Hankin, an environmental scientist in the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Office of Radiation and Indoor Air, who has studied the effects of RFR for 33 years, it is not clear how protective current safety standards are because they are based on preventing the radiation from heating tissue and do not take into account research that has shown biological changes, such as DNA breaks, at much lower levels of exposure.

I do not know what the current background ambient RFR levels are, but as we are experiencing a continuous growth in wireless antennas it is presumably higher than the level found in 2000. Each additional antenna adds to this background level. This means that WiFi, DECT cordless phones and individual cell phones and PDAs all add to the ambient background RF levels found near cell towers. It is the people who will have long-term involuntary exposure within approximately 1,000 feet (excepting compounding amplifying RF factors) of the antennas that are most susceptible to harm.

There are simple measures that will minimize harm from EMF/RFR exposure, such as: keeping WiFi routers out of areas where more time is spent, or even better turned off when not in use; making sure wiring is grounded and either shielded, braided or twisted, which mitigate their picking up and amplifying EMF/RFR; minimizing metals in and out of our bodies; keeping antennas from having direct line of site and at a minimum of 1,000 feet of homes and schools, etc (Although this is dependent on the strength of the transmitters.); minimizing electric devices in bedrooms; making DECT cordless phones and WiFi routers that only emit RFR when in use; and only using cordless and cell phones with head sets, speaker mode and texting.

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