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The evidence
Concerns are based on studies that show damage to or changes in cells or body systems. I will concentrate on fertility, pregnancy and young children here, but effects have been found in virtually every system in our bodies. It appears that our cells are very sensitive to electromagnetic fields.

Male fertility
Many studies have found decreased fertility for men who use mobile phones. The
evidence is now strong and convincing. Effects are decreased sperm motility, abnormal
sperm shape, decreased viability, and in some studies decreased sperm count and smaller diameters of the tubules in the testicles. Sperm is even affected when exposed in a test tube for five minutes to a mobile phone. Last year a research group found that mobile phone exposure for 16 hours damaged sperm DNA. Damaged DNA is bad news. Our DNA contains the instructions to make our bodies develop and function correctly.

Damage could mean abnormalities in the next generation. When it comes to the lower
powers of mobile phone mast transmitters or wireless internet (wi-fi), we don’t yet have
information for human male fertility. From animal studies, it appears that you need to be
exposed for longer to low power microwave environments to decrease male fertility.
Male rats have reduced fertility after living near a mobile phone mast for 6 months or
exposed to similar conditions as someone using a wireless laptop for several hours a day over several months. It is possible or even likely that the same conditions could also
reduce human male fertility.

In 2008 scientists in Denmark reported that when women (over 100 000 of them) used a
mobile phone during pregnancy, there was an increased risk of behavioural problems in
the children, measured at age 7. The behavioural changes could have been the result of
exposure to the radiation emitted by the phones, or a social factor such as the lack of
attention from the mother whilst she was on the phone when the children were young.
But when you also take into account studies such as one in rats that has shown that
exposing pregnant rats to a mobile phone for one hour a day during pregnancy led to
abnormal dead cells in the brain of their offspring and fewer healthy cells in regions
involved in learning and memory after birth, then it becomes more worrying. Changes in
the genes ‘switched on’ during a baby’s development in the womb have also been
described in rats that were exposed to a mobile phone during pregnancy. Which genes
are ‘switched on’ determines how the baby develops.

A research group in Saudi Arabia found that a mobile phone held close to the abdomen of pregnant women for ten minutes increased the baby’s heart rate and decreased the amount of blood being pumped by the heart. Scientists have found that when rats were exposed to a mobile phone in standby mode, switched on to speech mode for 15 minutes twice a day during pregnancy, the female babies had an average of 30% fewer follicles (containing the eggs) in their ovaries after birth. If this were to happen in humans then it could seriously reduce the fertility of the next generation of females. We don’t know whether it was the 11 hours and 45 minutes in standby or the 15 minutes in speech mode that led to the decreased fertility.

If it was the former then it is likely that living in a wi-fi environment could also reduce the fertility of subsequent generations. Studies haven’t yet looked at possible DNA damage in mammalian egg cells. Girls carry all of their eggs from birth, so they have a long time for potential DNA damage to occur. But a lot of studies have found damage to DNA, in cells from many regions of the body, following exposure to mobile phone radiation. (DNA damage is not seen in every study, so the conditions necessary for effects need to be better understood and identified). Damaged DNA could potentially lead to cancers or developmental abnormalities.

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