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    Less Lethal Skin Cancers (Basal And Squamous-Cell Carcinomas) Result From An Exposure Of Up To Twenty Years?

In an attempt to answer that second question, doctors began to focus on sunburn rather than sunlight—thinking perhaps that fair-skinned office workers' irregular suntanning habits had something to do with the fact that it is this population most at risk. Critics say it is the use of sunscreens in the first place that stops people from developing a tan — the body's own natural sun¬screen— since dark-skinned people rarely get skin cancer. There has also been speculation about the decrease in the ozone layer surrounding the earth (thereby admitting more harmful ultravio¬let radiation), but ozone "holes" are thus far only occurring only in the arctic regions.

Dr. Robert Becker, in his Cross Currents, has a more interest¬ing thesis about melanoma's causal factors. The highest inci¬dence of malignant melanoma in the United States is at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in Livermore, Califor-nia— considerably higher than that of the surrounding popula¬tion. Despite the classified nature of its military defense work, the Livermore lab is known to be involved in the design and testing of exotic weapons. The cancer epidemiology unit of the California Department of Health Services undertook a study in 1977 to in¬vestigate the excess of melanoma in those employed at Liv¬ermore, and in 1985, Drs. Peggy Reynolds and Donald Austin reported their findings. Not only was melanoma elevated above normal, but so were the rates of cancers of the salivary glands, colon, and brain (but only slightly above the population). The melanoma, however, stood out in its excess, and the researchers also noted that the cancers in general were not of the types usu¬ally caused by ionizing radiation. Some undetermined agent was causing the increases.

Unfortunately, no data were available to the California Health Service study for an assessment of exposure to the nonion¬izing bands. Dr. Becker had been a consultant to Livermore on the potential hazards of DC magnetic-field exposures, and he learned that some personnel were routinely exposed to DC mag¬netic fields as high as 1,400 gauss for an entire workday, and that the lab's standards had been set at 20,000 gauss for the body's extremities and 2,000 gauss for the body's trunk region.

The hu¬man anatomy has never been exposed to such high strengths, es¬pecially for such long, continuous durations. The rise in melanoma in that particular group takes on great clinical signifi¬cance, since not only were the melanoma incidences higher, but those figures were already over and above the already-mentioned increases for the normal population.Several studies have reported significant rises in the inci¬dence of melanoma in those who work under fluorescent lights. Fluorescent tubes have strong magnetic fields and also create a substantial exposure to UVA and UVB radiation in both the office and the home.

Is there something particular to our increasing global EMF environment and the rise in melanoma? Knowing what we al¬ready do about how abnormal fields can stimulate cancer cells, as well as their ability to create genetic damage at a crucial stage of cell division, many now think that such a link will eventually be made — perhaps to fluorescent lights as well as other sources, mi¬crowaves in particular.



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