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  Just How Smart Are These Meters? Consumers Have Privacy, Hacking Fears Part 1

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Regional News Bureau

To a growing number of electricity users – in other words, everyone – smart meters may be a little too smart for comfort.
“You know, I thought it was funny years back when my elderly neighbor used to gripe about the meter-reader prowling around in the back yard,” said William Smits. “Now, I look at this printout and wonder what he’d say.”
The a Montrose-area resident held a smart-meter usage report, which charted the amount of power consumed in his residence in 15 minute increments. It is available to customers who type in a password online.
“Even a dummy can tell when we get up, go to bed, come home,” he said. “Who knows what else isn’t listed here, or how easy it is to hack into something like this?”
Marketed by CenterPoint and other power companies as a breakthrough in managing energy more efficiently, Smits’ concerns may not be as ill-founded as some people might think. True, your neighbors – maybe even an occasional prowler – can likely already figure out when you are home without being particularly ingenious. After all, cars move from driveways; lights can be seen going out through closed curtains.
However, no less an authority than the Department of Energy has said smart meters, along with smart grids, could be used for more than computing bills and making adjustments to prevent power outages.
Feds weigh in
In its definitive October 2010 report “Data Access and Privacy Issues Related to Smart Grid Technologies,” the DOE wrote:
“Advances in smart grid technology could significantly increase the amount of potentially available information about personal energy consumption … whether their (customers’) homes are equipped with alarm systems, whether they own expensive electronic equipment such as plasma TVs, and whether they use certain types of medical equipment.”
Nonetheless, the report added, smart-grid technologies will advance with consumer demand for smart appliances, and not without some significant benefits along the way.
Among the advantages cited: the "enormous potential” for utilities and third-party providers to help consumers “significantly reduce energy consumption” through better managing their use of increasingly complex devices.
Also, both the DOE and CenterPoint said the technology should help in avoiding the expense of breakdowns and repairs, in part, because the provider will know about potential problems before receiving calls from users.
The cost of the smart meters to customers is $3.05 a month for six years, an amount reduced recently as a result of a DOE smart grid grant, CenterPoint said.
Still, while the technology currently in place lacks many of the Big Brother-like capabilities cited in the DOE report, and CenterPoint has repeatedly said customer usage data is not categorized by individual appliance, some residents are less concerned about “bad guys” knowing they are out, than they are with what certain “good guys,” someday, might be able to access.
“People are starting to wake up to it,” said Ginger Russell, a Magnolia resident. “Some people are worried insurance companies could look at your sleeping habits and turn you down. Then there’s marketers and sales. All kinds of problems.”
She and a group of residents recently went so far as to organize a protest at CenterPoint’s Greens Point Service Center, after a town hall meeting, expected to be attended by energy company representatives, failed to materialize.
“It (the flow of information) doesn’t stop at the meter. Look how much you have to do for your computer to be secure,” said Russell, who vows to fight smart-meter installation at her home.

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