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 Is RF Radio Frequency from Cell Phone Radiation A Health Risk?

Protection Against Cell Phone Radiation

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RF (radio frequency) waves are part of the spectrum of EMF waves that travel at light speed and encompass everything from microwaves and cell-phones, up to gamma and X-rays. So what does RF do to your brain while you're on the phone?
As mentioned, at high levels it can heat cells from the inside out, like a microwave oven ? hence alarms over cooking your brain! The available science in the U.S. does not allow us to conclude that the phones are absolutely safe, or absolutely unsafe. The U.S. government effectively permits the wireless industry to police itself.

Instead, America's cell-phone users must take heed of wireless phone-safety research done outside America, for example by the governments of Britain and France. As reported in Parade magazine, the British Government recommends printed warnings that children under 16 should use cell-phones only when essential, utilize shields, use protection, and keep calls short, because "their still-forming brains or skulls could be more vulnerable." Although no conclusive proof exists that using cell-phones causes brain tumors or other problems, they say that the risks simply cannot be ruled out.

Cell-phone microwaves can affect youngsters' brain rhythms according to the "Stewart Report," another British study. Another report in the English medical journal "Lancet" said children are more at risk than adults from memory loss, learning disabilities, sleep disorders, and headaches from the use of cell-phones. Will those who begin using cell-phones in their childhood years be at higher risk for developing brain cancer in their 40s or 50s? So far no answers, but in the meantime there is clear reason for concern.

The cell-phone industry's best-known naysayer is George Carlo, who headed a five-year, $25-million study of possible radiation hazards. "I just don't want people to put these phones to the sides of their heads," says Carlo, who this year published the scathing, "Cell phones: Invisible Hazards in the Wireless Age." His data shows much cause for concern, and gained credence when published in Medscape General Medicine, a web-based, peer-reviewed journal. This paper reports "radio frequency radiation from wireless phones appears to cause genetic damage in human blood" and reveals a "statistically significant increase" in neuro-epithelial brain tumors among cell-phone users. Carlo parted company with the industry last year, when it enacted none of his recommendations.

Some companies have begun producing a few lower radiation cell-phones, but seem to have no intention of playing up these models. Cell-phone safety is a touchy, involved subject, not surprising in an industry worth so many billions of dollars. Yet research is thankfully underway to develop personal depolarizers and/or rectifier devices that protect individuals from EMF waves. Already simple shields such as those using the protective material Shieldron, are available? Safe Cell Tab attaches to the phone and can block 99.99 percent of the radiation entering the ear canal. Simple precautions like these could prevent potentially harmful electromagnetic waves penetrating and cooking the brain. Why take any chances?!

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