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   Electromagnetic Pollution Worse Than Air Pollution? Part 3


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3. Cell Phones Radiation
In order to estimate the dangers coming from the use of mobile phones, I present you a few things about it.

In the top picture on the left, you see a "classic" FDTD simulation of electromagnetic absorption inside a model “human head” made by a composite material for a mobile phone working at 915 MHz with power 1 W (SAR is the Specific Absorption Rate to electromagnetic radiation).

In the following graph on the left, you can see the change of safety limits by frequency for Electric Field, Magnetic Field and Energy Flux. In the case of the previous simulation the safety limits are not achieved.

The maximum magnetic field has been found 1.04 A/m against 0.1 A/m, which is the safety limit at frequency 915 MHz. Also, the maximum SAR has been found 1.87 W/kg against 1.6 W/kg, which is the safety limit for the same frequency.
The relation of electric field E and magnetic field H in the air is given by the formula: H = E / 376.8, with Η measured in (Α/m) and E in (V/m). This relation does not depend on frequency.

In the above graph of safety limits, the previous relation does not go along with frequencies smaller than 1 MHz. Except of that, this relation sets us a question about the need of existence of two kind of devices to measure electric and/or magnetic field in the market of electromagnetic pollution measurements devices.

3.1. SAR - measurement methods
a) MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) known also as “magnetic tomography” is one precise technique to measure – in real time - SAR inside real human head to the radiation of a mobile phone.

b) In the picture on the right, you can see a less sophisticated method of measuring SAR by using a model human head made from composite material and an antenna located in the opposite direction.

3.2. Temperature change inside human head during a phone-call
In the top picture on the left, the calculated change of temperature at different sections of a model “human head” made by composite materials is shown, after solving arithmetically a set of electromagnetic and thermal differential equations, supposing a mobile phone-head 5 mm distance.

A temperature change about 0.5 - 1.5 C has been found.
In the bottom picture on the left, two MRI images of the brain of a user with his cell phone at On and Off state are presented.

The existene of more expanded and more dense yellow color areas inside the curves A and B of each MRI image, verified the expected from calculation higher brain electromagnetic absorption of radiation from a cell phone at the On state.
The red arrow shows some exttra absorption phenomena ought to metalic teeth implants of the user!

It is useful to know the value of SAR of your mobile phone, which must not overpassed the safety limit of its working frequency. You can find it inside its manual.

4. Microwave Oven Radiation
A common microwave oven is made basically by a a magnetron source (2.45 GHz), a stirrer, a cooking cavity, and a control system. In the picture on the left, the structure of a microwave furnace is presented.

Microwaves are produced from the magnetron source and propagate with waveguides inside the cooking cavity. These microwaves are absorbed from the water, which exists inside the food and they heat it. The metallic parts of the cavity act as reflectors of the microwaves. The stirrer is used to homogenize spatially the power distribution of microwaves inside the furnace.

The window of the oven is used for the reflection of microwaves, for the heat isolation and also for a direct safer observation of the food. It is usually double glazed with a metallic net inside it. The metallic net has special coating against the oxidation and appropriate geometry to create band gaps in different angles and to increase the number of reflections. The geometry of such a net is shown in the picture on the right.
By using FDTD electromagnetic simulation with typical values of physical constants of materials used in the coating of nets, the reflection and transmission coefficients (known as S - parameters) are calculated for vertical incidence of microwaves on the window of the furnace.

Our results are presented in the picture on the left, in the form of two curves (red color for transmission and blue color for reflection). These curves do not show a big reflection at 2.45 GHz (resonance peak) as it should be.

In the same picture two more curves have been designed by hand, which correspond to the expected S-parameters of a well designed window.

In conclusion, the coating which is used to protect the net from oxidation actually iterrupts its reflection ability. This is a usual phenomenon which can be observed to the common microwave ovens used at homes and contributes to electromagnetic pollution.

Is Electromagnetic Pollution Worse Than Air Pollution? Part 4

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