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Is Cell Phone Radiation And Cell Phone Tower Radiation Dangerous, And We Take Precautions?

People are surrounded by minute amounts of electromagnetic radiation each day.  Cell phone radiation is transmitted from cell phone towers that are spread out throughout neighborhoods throughout America and this invisible radiation field is directed to wireless headsets attached to the cell phone.  From coast to coast, people use these communication devices while in the comfort of home, at work, and while they are driving in cars.  Automobiles feature devices that rely on short-range radiation signals to operate properly such as bluetooth operating systems and global positioning system devices.  People that use these devices freely without protection are most likely to suffer from an acoustic neuroma at some point in their life. 

Cancerous and benign tumors of the inner eardrum are not uncommon with users of cell phones, and bluetooth devices because harmful electromagnetic radiation is transmitted directly into the earpiece of these wireless gadgets.  Cell phone radiation and cell phone tower radiation affects our health more than people realize it does.  People do have protective options that they can use to create a barrier against cell phone radiation fields.  People can use airtube headsets and cut out 98 percent of the electromagnetic fields caused by wireless radiation.  The airtube headset transmits sound waves into the inner ear canal instead of electrical waves.   

People can protect themselves from all types of exposure to electromagnetic fields of radiation.  The generous length of cord and special blue tubing used on the airtube headset gives people the opportunity to combat radiation by moving cell phones further away from the body.  These sources of electromagnetic radiation can be diverted to a car seat or anywhere else other than the body.  With the airtube headset in place, people are not directing electromagnetic radiation exposure to the inner ear canal.  People that use wireless headsets while talking on a cell phone are directing wireless radiation to all parts of the head.  The airtube headset will still provide hands free driving capabilities while protecting cell phone users from the radiation.   

Cell phone masts emit wireless radiation 24-hours a day, and people cannot see the damage it can do.  People love the convenience of owning a cell phone, but many are unaware of what the constant exposure to electromagnet fields of radiation that cell mast, cell towers, and cell phonea can cause over a period.  Some people have developed a super sensitivity to wireless radiation over several years and cannot tolerate living next door to a cell phone tower.  While cell phone tower radiation is invisible and convenient to use 24-hours a day, the long-term effects of exposure could prove to be deadly for some. 

People can protect themselves from the effects of long-term exposure to electromagnetic radiation fields by changing out the wireless headset for a airtube headset.   Simple changes such as this will make a big difference in the long run.  The airtube headset is a good investment on the future health of all family members.  Since regular cell phones offer no protection against wireless radiation, it is good to know that airtube headsets can offer complete protection against wireless radiation and help to reduce the danger for exposure to electromagnetic fields of radiation that come from cell phone use each day and the numerous cell phone towers that are spread throughout our world.  People can be protected from wireless radiation exposure almost immediately after the airtube headset is put into use.


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