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New Iphone Cell Phone Hands Free Headset

Order rf235s for Iphone

RF3-235S for Iphone

(iPhone 3G & 1G,

Blackberry Curve,

WorldPhone, and MP3 Pearl.)


airtube headset, bluetube headset, anit-radiation headset for driving

(Adaptor for Iphone & rf 212 Headset

come as package.)



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Reg.: $89 Only $69.99

The Research Center for Wireless Technology provides a solution to combat the growing problem called Electro Pollution, which is known at present as a health hazard. A decade of research supports the facts that EMF's are linked to mild heath concerns like fatigue and tension to much deadlier diseases like cancer and Alzheimer's disease.

 * Great new iphone cell phone hands free headset

An EMF News exclusive!!!

Safe, sleek, sophisticated, stereo cell-phone headset: We’ve tested this product over and over again and it really works. This Hollow-tube, air tube headset is the only headset with patented AIRCOM technology—— Crystal clear sound is delivered through an air-filled wireless tube—reducing the possibility of RF energy to your head. This technology has been proven to reduce SAR levels to 0.009 w/kg SAR. SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) is how they measure the Radio Frequency energy emitted by all cell phones. The FCC says the maximum allowable SAR level for cell phones is 1.6w/kg—so be safe & smart—this is a superb value. CNET reports that the new iPhone SAR levels are 1.38 vs. the original iPhone SAR levels of 0.974, so now you need the AIRCOM more than ever! Fits Blackberry Curve and Pearl too!!! This hollow tube, air tube technology really really works!

AIRCOM Headset Features:

* Custom Molded - Lightweight Earpiece
* AirComTM Sound Delivery Tube
* Tube Clip
* State-of-the-art sound chamber with enhanced SPL technology
* Tangle-Free Expansion Cord
* Lightweight titanium ergonomically correct fit-fully adjustable and rotate 360 degrees to fit either left or right ear

Save over 20%!
Reg.: $89 Only $69.99

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