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    How to Use A Guass Meter and Tri-Field Meter

Meters are not uniform from manufacturer to manufacturer in their readout screens, and it may take a little time to figure out how to read yours. One milligauss on some digital meters reads 001. On most it reads 1.0 when the meter is switched to the milligauss setting. On those meters that also measure a tenth of a milligauss, it will look like 0.1. (For those wanting extremely accurate assessments, those tenths of a milliŽgauss can add up and become important in the measurements.) Anything reaching the gauss range, which is a thousand times higher, or 1,000 milligauss, will look like 1.00 and up when the meter is switched to the gauss setting.

It is best to move slowly when using a gaussmeter and rotate it often in several directions. Be careful around power lines and always be aware of your surroundings, as you may be in a dangerŽous area. Sometimes the numbers on the meter change radically within inches of the last measurement. And sometimes — if the batteries are going dead, or if you are moving too fast, or if you are in the presence of a strong RF field that the meter is not shielded against—they may fluctuate wildly. Under normal circumŽstances, however, the highest number you get while standing still is the accurate one.

When you first get a meter, play with it to get a sense of what is around you. Measure all over the surface of individual appliŽances, turned on and turned off. You will quickly discover that the highest fields are near the motors and control panels. Measure space in between different appliances when they are switched on to measure their EMF interactions. In a high-use room like the bathroom or kitchen, make measurements in a real-life scenario in which everything is turned on at the same time. Make room-by-room measurements. Pay attention to the wall on the other side of an appliance when it is on; magnetic fields can easily peneŽtrate walls. Is there a bed opposite a TV in the next room?

A chair opposite a computer? Measure dimmer switches and switches that control one light from two locations. Measure both sides of hallways at various heights where wiring might run behind the walls. Measure floors. Measure the basement and the electrical boxes. Write the measurements down in a log. Make sure to note the time of day that you take measurements, since they can flucŽtuate throughout the day depending on peak electrical loads. Measure three different times during the day. Pay special attenŽtion to areas where you or your children spend a lot of time, espeŽcially bedrooms. Measure all around the area where your head is placed in bed, as well as about eight inches above the bed itself.

Later, make measurements outside, all along the perimeter of your property and especially where the electrical wires come into the house. Be careful when doing this not to touch a live conductor and form a ground for the current with your body.

A gaussmeter will give you an excellent sense of how sharply even some of the strongest 60-hertz fields drop off with distance from an appliance. The general rule of thumb for a safe distance is about three feet from any generating source. Practice the habit of switching on an appliance and stepping back from it by a yard, instead of standing over the stove waiting for something to boil or lingering over the to'aster waiting for it to pop. You can measure the length of your arm and use your arm's length as a guide. Some parents mark a six- or eight-foot distance from the TVs with tape on the floor, to keep the children back, but even a three-foot stay-behind line will help.

When measuring computers or other office equipment, meaŽsure the equipment itself, and then slowly move the gaussmeter back to where you normally sit or stand. Measure at the level of your head, neck, chest, and groin. (This is where a two-unit model comes in handy.) Try to measure between various operating maŽchines to determine cross-fields. And remember to measure any walls in common with another office or an elevator shaft.



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