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How Your Health Is Affected By Electromagnetic Radiation


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February 15, 2012
By Pamela Barinoff

The controversy around electromagnetic radiation (EMFs) reminds me of the smoking debate that went on for decades. There are so many studies available that point a very large finger to the dangers of EMF exposure especially over the long term. Nineteen ninety marked the time when over 100 studies concerning the safety of various types of EMF exposure were published. Many more have been published since then and governments in Europe are now taking very aggressive steps to limit the exposure of children under the age of 18 to EMFs from cell phones.

Centuries ago, our ancestors were exposed to only two sources of electromagnetic radiation thunderstorms and the earth's magnetic field. Now, thanks to a lot of brilliant inventors of the past, we have countless sources of EMF radiation including hair dryers (one of the worst), clock radios, computers, house wiring, overhead power lines, cordless phones, cell phones, WiFi, infrared saunas, electric blankets, electric water ionizers, airport and military radar, vacuum cleaners and the list goes on. The latest hazard to hit the market is smart meters.

Our world is literally electrified and studies now show that every human, whether they live in the middle of the jungle or the middle of the tundra, is exposed to EMF radiation from human sources. There is no escape from it. Scientists fear that ethnic groups that have never shown histories of cancer will start to show signs of it then it will increase. Our own electromagnetic field is affected by some forms of this radiation. The chemical bonds between certain critical molecules in the cells of the body can break down affecting the communication and function of them. When this happens the cells can begin to produce abnormal activity and growth. We all know what that means.

When certain areas of the body are exposed to EMFs repeatedly, like when using a cell phone habitually, then symptoms like many degrees of headaches, cataracts, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, forgetfulness, chest pains, brain tumors, miscarriages, heart problems, hip problems, cancers and a whole myriad of other conditions tend to appear.

Of particular alarm is the proliferation of electrical, cordless and battery operated devices over the last few decades that are targeted towards children and young adults. Their bone structure is much thinner than a mature adult and the exposure hits them harder.

The convenience and portability of these devices cannot be understated but the cost to health can be staggering. To that end, it has been said since time immemorial that Nature has provided everything we need right here. There is a rare, natural mineral found in only a few places on the planet that actually scrambles and blocks the absorption of EMF radiation into the body. It is called Shieldite. Those with electrochemical sensitivity find a great reduction in their symptoms when wearing this mineral or placing it in their environment. Life can actually be tolerated without feeling ill.

Until governments come to their senses and stop yielding to the pressure of lobbyists, it is up to each family to protect their own. Education is the first step and action is the second. Protecting yourself and your family from the devastating effects of EMF exposure is one of the keys to health in the coming years.

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