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How Many Cell Phone Mobile Towers and Antennas Are Near Your Home?

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The average person lives within one-half mile of a cell phone tower. Are you curious if there are any cell phone towers or antennas near your home or business? Would it bother you if you knew you lived near a cell phone tower or antenna tower? How many are around your home or office?

Find out by visiting the website www.antennasearch.com . Type in your address and you’ll get a listing and a map of all the towers and antennas within a short radius of your address. You’ll be surprised to learn how prevalent these towers and antennas are and how many are sitting right in your back yard.

For example, in one square mile of downtown Manhattan there are about 2500 antennas. And let’s don’t forget the more than 2000 communications satellites floating around in outer space. They shower the planet continually with radiation. Got a new GPS device? How do you think it works? It gets its information from a satellite that knows where we are and where we want to go. It then beams the instructions down and off we go without a second thought that we are being irradiated by the radio signal of this convenience. Remember the information-carrying radio wave discussed earlier? It’s being created here, too. And let’s don’t forget all military projects. I think you get the picture.

The amount of electropollution we’re subjected to on a daily basis is staggering and is growing by the day. At what point will our biological systems no longer be able to handle this burden? What happens then? Are the rising rates of cancer and disease indicators that we’re reaching a point where we can’t tolerate more?

Oceanside, California
Elizabeth, New Jersey
Fort Wayne, Indiana
Tampa, Florida
Roseville, California
Bolivia, Sucre
Santa Clarita, California
Fort Worth, Texas
Port St. Lucie, Florida
Umm al-Qaiwain, United Arab Emirates, Umm al-Qaiwain, UAE


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