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      How Cell Phone Radiation Affects Your Body’s Cells Part 1

Cordless Phones Brain Tumors

Blue Tube Headset Radiation

Cell Phone Tower Radiation

Dr. Mercola's Comments
For the first time, researchers are able to show that molecular changes do take place in your body during exposure to information-carrying radio waves, such as those from your cell phone. Similar effects have previously been found in cultured cells, but now they’re able to show that the impact on the human body is indeed the same.

So what is the physiological significance of these changes in proteins?

So far, no one knows for sure.

But I firmly believe that dismissing it as inconsequential would be a serious mistake, especially in light of ALL the data available, pointing to a wide variety of long-term health risks.

What Causes the Biological Damage?

Let me be VERY clear.

Most of the danger from most land-based portable phones, cell phones and WiFi routers is not from the thermal damage produced by these devices from which typical SAR ratings are given on phones. Unless you have massive exposures like you might expect in a microwave oven, these thermal effects are insignificant.

We believe the biological damage comes both from the modulated signals that are carried ON the carrier microwave and the carrier wave itself. However, they do their damage by two entirely different mechanisms. These modulated information-carrying radio waves resonate in biological frequencies of a few to a few hundred cycles per second, and can stimulate your cellular receptors causing a whole cascade of pathological consequences that can culminate in fatigue, anxiety and ultimately cancers.

This is a MAJOR problem because in the last few years we have had an exponential increase in exposure to these waves. It took from 1984 to 2004 to reach the first billion cell phones, the second billion took just 18 months, the third billion took only nine months, and the fourth billion just six months.

And this does not factor in any of your exposure to WiFi routers (wireless internet), which are now pervasive. Since there is a lag time of five to 20 years before many of these effects become clinically apparent, now is the time to act before you or your family suffer the damage.

You May Already Suffer the ill Effects

Numerous studies claim there is no biological impact of RF radiation within the cell phone range. This latest study punches a hole in that notion.

Additionally, researchers in different countries are finding equally disturbing results that point to far greater health implications than anyone is ready for.

Unfortunately, most people fail to correlate common symptoms and health problems to their exposure to cell phones and other radio frequencies, perhaps because these conditions can so easily be attributed to other causes as well.

Do you suffer from any of these common illnesses and ailments, which have all been scientifically linked to cell phone information-carrying radio waves?

Alzheimer’s, senility and dementia
Sleep disruptions
Altered memory function, poor concentration and spatial awareness
Although cancer and brain tumors are most often cited as the potential health risks from cell phone radiation, as you can see, cancer is not the only, or the most common, danger that you and your children face.

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