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   House Wiring and Home EMF Radiation Part 2


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Ring Wiring
In some countries (but not all) it is legal to connect a series of electrical sockets in a wired "ring". A connection is made at two points of the ring (the "ends"), to the same power source.

The live and neutral wires each have separate rings, and both wiring rings follow the same physical route. But live current can take the path to a socket from one end of the ring, while neutral current could return from the socket to the other end.

This creates the conditions for an extensive magnetic field. The alternative to ring wiring is to use a branched or radial wiring circuit. In a radial circuit the live and neutral current to each socket can take only one path. Wiring "rings" can generally be converted to radial circuits without large expense, but this is a job for a qualified electrician.

Home EMF can be surprisingly extensive and strong.
In my kitchen, lighting is by several down-lights. it has been badly wired and creates a magnetic field of about 10 milligauss at head height, in most of the room. We don't use those lights until I get it fixed!

Another practice to be avoided is that of connecting an earth wire for the electrical system to the metal water pipes in the building. This would not normally cause a problem if no current was flowing through to earth, but if there is a fault in the system a large EMF can be created between the water pipes and electric wires in the building.

If you find one, do not just disconnect an earth wire from the pipes. It's doing a vital job. Call an electrician to make proper earthing arrangements, needed for your safety.
Checking for home EMF

Unless you have total confidence in your wireman, it's difficult to know for sure whether or not your house has been properly wired. If you have any reason to doubt it, obtain a suitable EMF meter (also known as a gauss meter) to measure the magnetic component of the field. An electric field meter can measure the electric field strength (50/60Hz).

When correcting faults, it's best to work with an electrician who is familiar with the EMF consequences of different wiring configurations.

Although we have been speaking of house wiring radiation or home emf, the same problems arise in all wired buildings, including schools and workplaces. http://www.emfnews.org/store/home-cell-phone-and-mobile-tower-radiation-meters.html

House Wiring and Home EMF Radiation Part 1

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