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     Home Radiation Protection EMF and RF Prevention Tips Part 2

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Home Radiation Protection

Avoid the use of cordless telephones. Most new models (DECT) constantly transmit RF radiation even when they are not in use.

Remove all electronic devices from all occupied bedrooms.

Avoid the use of an electric blanket. The will produce high electric and magnetic fields.

If possible, sleep in a bed that has no metal parts, such as innersprings or a metal frame.

Avoid using metal head and foot boards because the electric fields will be enhanced.

Keep metal way from the sleeping area, such as metal bookshelves, end tables or metal pole lamps.

Use a battery operated alarm clock rather than an AC electric alarm clock.

Avoid purchasing a home within 500 feet of high voltage power lines. This distance will vary according to the power of the lines. A magnetic and electric field strength measurement would determine the exact distance.

Avoid running electric extension cords under chairs, beds and couches.

If possible, maintain a distance of 10 feet from the television and other electronic devices and appliances.

Avoid the use of fluorescent and halogen lights, use incandescent full spectrum lighting.

Avoid the use of electric motors, such as an electric can opener, shaver or toothbrush. Rechargeable or battery operated toothbrushes and shavers are preferred to plug-in models.

Consider replacing an ungrounded 2 wire lamp cord with a 3 wire shielded power cord to reduce electric fields. Your lamp may have to be customized in a specialty lighting store or by an electrician and meet UL and CSA approvals.

Stand back 3 feet or more from operating motors such as juicers and blenders.

Avoid the use of hand held hairdryers. If required, keep the motor and the cord as far from the body as possible.

Avoid using the over head fan while in the bathroom. If it must run maintain a distance of 10 feet.

If possible, maintain a distance of 10 feet from the heater coils when cooking with an electric stove or oven.

If purchasing a computer monitor locally, screen it with a Magnetic Field Detector or gauss meter. The latest standards require that AC magnetic field be 1 mG (100 nanoTesla) or less one foot from the monitor.

Don’t give an older computer to a child without first measuring the magnetic fields it produces.

Avoid the use of a sewing machine during pregnancy or balancing a laptop on the abdomen.

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