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Wednesday, August 10th, 2011

Nowadays, cell phones have grown to be a vital a part of our life so much in fact that we can’t think about living an existence without this device. You’re able to see individuals with a mobile phone stuck for their ears everywhere, right from in the balcony of multi-storied building, while crossing the road and even while driving. There is little doubt about the fact that mobile phones have revolutionized the concept of communication, however, there do exist a few downsides of this technology that we can’t afford to disregard. Unfortunately these health problems of cell phones aren’t known to all, which makes the utilization of this product all the more hazardous.

Risks of Cell Phones to Humans
First of all , strikes the mind when we talk about the effects of cell phones will probably be the damaging radiation originating from these devices that is thought to possess some serious effects on our overall health. Nevertheless there is no questioning the fact that this radiation is harmful, you need to understand that mobile phones affect the body in additional than one ways. Discussed below are the some ill-effects of mobile phones that you can not afford to show a blind eye to.

Cell Phone Radiation and Cancer
Because of the proximity of phones when they are held near to the head, the radiofrequency energy affects the mind. This may lead to malignant brain tumors like gliomas i.e. tumors from the cells that surround the nerve tissues. Even individuals who use the hands-free option when operating their mobile phones are not spared of this ill effect since the likelihood of cancer – even if mild, do exist. Even salivary glands are responsive to cell phone radiofrequency energy. On prolonged utilization of cell phones, these salivary glands can be cultivated tumors. One also offers to take into consideration the risks of cell phone towers when discussing the ill-effects of mobile communications technology.

Cell Phones and Bacteria
Mobile phones might be probably the most scary causes of transporting super bacteria! This may come as a surprise for a lot of, however when one talks on the phone for long or even uses earphones for very long, the bacteria in the ear multiply manifold (and it’s not like we have to be reminded of the harmful effects of bacteria). As shocking as it might sound, cell phones that are used by doctors along with other health care personnel, may actually carry some super bacteria i.e. bacteria which are resistant to popular antibiotics. Due to the proximity of healthcare personnel to these super bacteria, there’s a chance that they’re going to even be available on their cell phones.

Accidents Caused because of Use of Mobile phones
While not directly threat, one cannot deny the fact that there is a mobile phone involved with every other motor vehicle accident that can take place today. Irrespective of whether you use it to speak or text, cell phone turns out to be a huge distraction when driving. it is not easy to pay for equal attention to driving and talking on the cell phone. And texting while driving is – needless to say, an utterly foolish thing to do. Research conducted recently says there’s a four times higher chance the person will be involved in an accident if he uses his cell phone (even hands free) while driving. Like drinking and driving, the utilization of mobile phones while driving could be dangerous for your life.

Other Health Hazards of utilizing Cell Phone

There are lots of more claims with regards to cell phone damage to other organs. The blood and bones will also be highly susceptible to radiations of any sort. Cell phone usage is also known to result in problems like headaches and mental confusion. It can also modify the brain’s normal electrical activity, especially while sleeping. At the same time, use of mobile phones also affects the normal functioning from the endocrine system by releasing excess of stress hormones. All these are results of independent studies which have been done to understand the far reaching results of mobile phone radiation. Somebody that has had a man-made pacemaker are at high risk of developing problems with the functioning of the pacemaker if they use mobile phones. Whenever a mobile phone is kept in close proximity for their pacemaker – like if it’s saved in their chest pocket, then it may interfere with the smooth functioning from the pacemaker.

Although it cannot be said conclusively that there are chances of landing with cancer because of cell phone radiation alone – since the radiation that’s emitted is comparatively mild, it is a popular fact that excess of anything could be unhealthy in a long term. Taking that into account, it is best to keep your mobile phone usage to minimum and then try to keep it turned off through the night or when you are not using it. It is also thought that pointing the cellular antenna towards your exposed body can be harmful to improve your health. And though not substantiated, it is said that using a hands free – since it does away with the antenna, you often reduce your contact with radiation to some great extent.

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