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Research scientists in Denmark studied over 13,000 young Danish children born in 1997-98. The youngsters were part of the Danish National Birth Cohort research study. The analysis learned that the children who used cellular phones and whose mothers, while pregnant with them, used cellular phones had 80% greater likelihood of behavioral challenges. Examples include emotional difficulties, hyperactivity, lack of focus and inability to get along with their own peers. Even the youngsters who did not personally have cellular phone exposure apart from for the period of their mothers’ pregnancies still had such beavioral difficulties at 54% greater. Such statistics truly are cause for concern.

Research from Iran's Shiraz Univerity of Medical Sciencies reveals that microwave frequencies from cellular phones accelerated the release of mercury from dental amalgam fillings. A higher urinary mercury amounts released from dental amalgam restoration was seen in students subjected to radiofrequencies released from cellular phones. Even though the volume of discharged mercury from dental amalgam is not adequate to produce a dangerous impact in humans, potential problems on account of getting subjected to mercury vapor (Hg) from dental amalgam fillings remains the topic of ongoing public health discourse in various countries. Regardless of inadequate proof that dental amalgams trigger health issues in the greater part of the people, the impact of dental amalgam on particular groups, such as the aging population, young children, women that are pregnant and individuals who are unusually sensitive to mercury has not been well recognized.

Health authorities are in agreement that people should begin exercising precautions, like using a cell phone radiation shield, to limit any potential danger from cell phone radiation. This moves the handset away from the head and helps keep the microwaves from impacting the brain. Ongoing research has been demonstrating the need for precaution, as several authorities predict a problem of epidemic proportions if nothing gets done.

Research studies made within the last 10 years have connected mobile phone radiofrequencies with elevated chance of contracting brain and salivary gland tumor cells, nervous system problems including vertigo and migraine headache, and developmental impact identified as behavioral troubles in small children The National Research Council has documented that exposure to mobile phone microwave radiation may have an effect on the endocrine, nervous and immune systems, development of the unborn child and all round metabolic process. Young children are more likely to be more vulnerable compared with grownups to effects from cellular phone radio waves, given that the brain of a young child is still at a developing stage and the nervous tissues absorb a bigger proportion of radiofrequency waves as compared with an adult's

Mobile devices cause harm to essential cells of the brain and may result in earlier onset of Alzheimer’s disease, according to a research study in Sweden. Scientists in Lund University found that emission from cell phones impairs sections of the brain connected with recollection, learning and motion. The research, conducted on rats, is one of the tests that have appeared in the ongoing controversy over whether cell phones provide a health threat. The investigators discovered that rats that had been subjected to medium and high amounts of radiation acquired plenty of dead brain cells. The head researcher stated he had strong reason suspect that mobiles could possibly have a similar influence on people.

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