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Health Canada Dismisses Cell Phone Dangers Part 2


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Then I started thinking about all the junior high and high school students… do you honestly think they are turning off their cell phones (or even remembering to turn them off)? Especially since texting is so big among that age group?

So, I applaud the fact that school policy against having cell phones turned on in the schools already exists. But principals need to put some serious thought into the actual enforcement of that policy.

How about requiring students to place their cell phone in a basket on the teacher’s desk and then the teacher (or a trusted student) doing a quick check to ensure that each is turned off? How about having random spot checks for cell phones with a seriously stiff penalty (like suspension for 3 days) if a phone is found left on? I’m sure if teachers and principal put their heads together, they would be able to come up with something reliable and enforceable.

Regarding wireless computers, when you take a look at what’s happening in other countries, I would suggest to you that Health Canada is either behind the 8-ball on this issue, or it is unduly industry-influenced. For example:
• Germany warns citizens to avoid Wi-Fi due to health risks – September 2007
• Russian Radiation Protection Agency gives urgent warning to defend children’s health from RF/MW – April 2008
• Five public libraries in Paris shut down Wi-Fi due to health concerns – May 2008
• European Parliament votes to bring in stricter radiation limits – September 2008
• City of Herouville St. Clair, France removes Wi-Fi from primary schools due to health risks – April 2009
• Teachers in UK call for immediate dismantling of Wi-Fi in schools due to health risks – April 2009
• Sorbonne University, Paris passes moratorium on Wi-Fi – May 2009
• Los Angeles School District votes unanimously to protect children from ELF and RF/MW – May 2009
• Israeli Minister of Environment gives public warning on radiation emitting devices including Wi-Fi – July 2009

If the Health Canada standards are so accurate and reliable, then why have these other countries banned or warned against WiFi after recognizing that it is indeed a serious health hazard?

Obviously Germany, the UK, Russia and France do not concur with Health Canada’s position that, “These concerns appear to arise from some media reports and dubious Internet websites which contain inaccurate, unsubstantiated, controversial or contradictory statements regarding RF-health issues.” (quoted from pg 1 of the Email response from Consumer and Clinical Radiation Protection Bureau sent to me)
Damaging health effects are scientifically shown to occur at levels thousands of times below existing public safety limits. Reputable scientists state that our standards (i.e. the Health Canada standards) are obsolete because they are based solely on thermal effects.

In mice, exposure for approximately 2 hours/day to a mobile phone (0.9GHz GSM modulated mobile phone; 23-36V/m, 0.41-0.98W/Kg whole body exposure) for four days resulted in cognitive deficits in the Morris water maze, a test of spatial learning and memory. Exposed mice were less able to transfer learned information to the next day, and had deficits in consolidation and/or retrieval of the learned information. “Our results provide a basis for more thorough investigations considering reports on non-thermal effects of electromagnetic fields (EMFs).”

Health Canada Dismisses Cell Phone Dangers Part 1

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