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  HOT SPOTS, Cellular Towers, Mobile Antennas, Are they hazardous? Part 2

Cordless Phones Health Risks

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Cell Phone Tower Radiation

Our bodies may also have localized internal hot spots. Due to the variable shape, size and thickness of our skulls and dependent on our particular resonance to the frequency of the RFR regions of relatively high absorption can occur at or near the center of the brain causing internal hot spots, which can result in tissue damage long before the overall body temperature shows a measurable increase.

Due to a lack of adequate vascular systems for the exchange of heat our eyes are also most susceptible to harm from RFR exposure, which can result in protein coagulation and opacities in the lens. The male testes are another organ particularly susceptible because there is no direct blood supply and therefore no way of dissipating heat.
According to the BioInitiative Report, the RFR level we evolved with was a billionth of a microwatt per centimeter squared (10 –12 W/cm

In 1997 the background RFR levels measured by Ed Mantiply of the FCC at areas on the ground near towers had increased 0.003 to 0.3 W/cm

A survey by Sage Associates in 2000 found RFR levels within 300 feet from cell towers to range from 0.01 to 3.0 W/cm And an RFR survey near cell towers in Germany in 2002 found RFR levels of 0.02 to 10 W/cm

These readings were the highest at homes that were closest to and in direct line of sight of the transmitting antennas. More recently, transmitters installed by T-Mobile on utility poles in San Francisco may emit RFR levels up to 190 W/cm.

El Salvador, San Salvador
Cape Coral, Florida
Bulgaria, Sofia
Warren, Michigan
Dominica, Roseau
Morocco, Rabat
Daftah, United Arab Emirates, Daftah, UAE
Grand Rapids, Michigan
Bosnia, Sarajevo
New Haven, Connecticut


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