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George Carlo's Cell Phone Radiation Controversy

$25-Million Scientific Study Project Part 1

Carlo's appointment by the CTIA to direct its $25-million scientific study project was greeted with little enthusiasm within two sectors that would be crucial to his efforts.

Among the scientific community's narrow circle of recognized researchers and experts in the field, there was widespread surprise and puzzlement at the choice of a fellow they considered an outsider who lacked their expertise. Carlo was a public-health scientist whose specialty was epidemiology—the study of epidemic diseases and their effects on the population. Carlo had never researched, let alone published, anything about bioelectromagnetics—the core discipline of the cell phone radiation controversy. Scientists inspect each other's credentials in the same way that our grandmothers once inspected chickens at the poultry market: they sniff here and there and then shake their heads. So the scientists frankly didn't expect Carlo could accomplish much of significance in this area that was, after all, their life's work and not his.

Among reporters who cover the telecommunications industry, there was a widespread view that Carlo would be a lackey and shill for the cell phone industry. He was, after all, a handpicked expert who they frankly expected would merely provide a polished scientific patina for the industry's standard, high-gloss "no-problem" refrain.

Carlo was very aware of what the scientific community and the news media had been saying about his appointment.

To ease the concerns of the experts who thought he was lacking in credentials, Carlo created two panels of prominent scientists. First, he formed the Science Advisory Group (SAG), and recruited two top experts to work with him. As he recalls, the key to its success was that he was able to convince two top experts to work with him


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