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George Carlo's Cell Phone Radiation Controversy  $25-Million Scientific Study Project Part 3

Carlo made one other major move to ease the concerns of the scientists—and to impress the politicians. He created a Peer Review Board (PRB) that would be headquartered at the Harvard Center for Risk Analysis, led by the respected Dr. John Graham, of the Harvard University School of Public Health. The peer-review group would be comprised of internationally recognized experts who would examine the findings of studies done by or funded by Carlo's SAG project and also review funding proposals from outside researchers. That clearly pleased the officials at the FDA; their agency was already enmeshed in a major controversy over breast implants and did not relish the prospect of having to be on the front lines of two political wars simultaneously.

Those moves enabled Carlo to ease, at least initially, the concerns and jealousies within the scientific community.

To ease the concerns of the journalists who thought he would be an industry shill, Carlo—well, Carlo frankly did not know what, if anything, he could do quickly. He didn't see how he could win the media's respect, or at least a decent interval of benign silence, until he had time to prove himself by doing his job. Carlo knew, deep down, he was not going to be a shill; but then again, truth be told, he always thought, deep down, that his research project would conclude what the early studies and the cell phone industry had always asserted—that there was no evidence that wireless phones cause cancer. So Carlo just went about his job, hoping his SAG and the Harvard-led peer-review group would provide valuable credentials of respect. He believed that if he conducted himself responsibly, he would be judged responsibly.


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