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Fukushima: Decontamination and Zeolite


Fukushima Decontamination, Nuclear Radiation




The major problem of current nuclear mega site during disintegration of Fukushima Daiichi is the global contamination and especially in Japan by the radioactive particles, contamination is a long and very long term, soil, water and air to a multitude of transmitters that generate scattered radioactivity from radioisotopes or radionuclides component particle [Interview luminary Takashi Hirose].

If Chernobyl and Fukushima are two major nuclear disaster in their differences there is one that is not anodyne: Unlike Chernobyl located in Ukraine, Fukushima in Japan, values, innovation and a willingness to overcome associated with "genius" Japan leads the rest of the world totally unexpected findings. In recent days the Japanese media quoted a name hitherto unknown to the public: the zeolite mineral present deployed in testing phases in the ocean and ground ... decontaminate absorb the term is more appropriate.
Who, aside from geologists know the zeolite or zeolite? (Variant spelling).
Who knows the properties, which are a veritable encyclopedia of the 48 different natural zeolite known?

Reading the file Wikipedia on the zeolite is very surprising from the first line that speaks volumes for the following: "A zeolite, or zeolite is a microporous mineral silicates belonging to the group, in which it forms a family in the subgroup of tectosilicates (mineral architecture dimensional scaffold with a load ... negative, resulting from the replacement of silicon by aluminum in the tetrahedra, which is compensated by the presence cations (positively charged ion) M (K, Na, Ca, Ba, Li ..) in the cavities of the structure. " The radiation spectrum of ionizing radiation, including X and Gamma are electromagnetic fields, it is easy enough to understand that the zeolite can interfere positively on the mechanisms of ionic exchanges.

To complete the approach to knowledge and uses of natural zeolite with paramagnetic
an unusual structure, we strongly recommend reading two recent articles by Dominique Guillet
KOKOPELLI: "Detoxification by zeolites" and " The powder of rocks from the class of zeolites " .

Concrete operator in Japan TEPCO's Fukushima Daiichi nuclear site has begun to dispose of bags containing zeolite in the ocean facing the nuclear power plant, hoping to absorb as possible the Pollution radioactive cesium, cesium 137, which notably has a lifespan of 30 years.
Currently being tested are 10 bags of 100 kg of zeolite crushed sand which were deposited by TEPCO. It is planned to increase the quantities and make regular withdrawals to check the values surface Radiation capture of the mineral.
Meanwhile the Japanese TV channel NHK broadcast a report on early experiences that will take place on the Testing of soil remediation, among the tests is included not only the flood rice, but also surfaces in general with the establishment of drainage channels that contain the zeolite to absorb the radioactive material.

Nevertheless the current problem is that 3 or 4 reactors during disintegration of the nuclear
Fukushima Daiichi permanently reject a range of radioactive particles into the atmosphere and of highly radioactive waste in the basement and the ocean. Unfortunately, this finding may persist or even worsen with high probability ..., annihilates now all these laudable and innovative experiences for the decontamination of soil recovery.





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