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  Electromagnetic Radiation: In Sweden People Are Also Worried


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Mona Nilsson is Swedish and she’s a journalist. She is also passionate about the dangers of electromagnetic pollution, in this video she explains her view that:

- there is a very clear connection between radiation and a growing number of serious illnesses
- that EMFs in interfering with our sleeping patterns, cause depression and increases the chances of other serious illnesses
- the pineal gland is very sensitive to electrosmog, what many people consider to be “burn out” is in fact a reaction to the EMFs in our environment
- there is a link between hyperactivity and electromagnetic pollution, governments are trying to find ways to deal with hyperactive children rather than understand the cause.
- the biggest danger is for our young people, children are growing up with enormous exposure to radiation, and there is no consideration of the long term effects it will have on them
- because the cell phone industry has such vast amounts of money they are able to totally manipulate people through the media channels…

Interviewer: You have written a new book called “Health Risks Of The Mobile Phone”. Can you tell us a little bit about why you wrote this second book?

Nilsson: I wanted to make a more complete book, and I also wanted to gather together the whole picture of this issue. The industry research and the loyal experts, I call the ICNIRP Cartel. I also give some of the most important research that has been done and the result of that research. And, also show the history behind why we have those high limits today. Originally they were set by the military industry. They needed to be high at the beginning to protect the defense systems.

Then, in the 80s, the telecom industry came in and used the same technique. These high limits are important now not only from a military point of view, but from an economic point of view for this industry, but not for the people. For the people, these high limits are really very damaging.

Interviewer: But, it’s quite interesting because there are usually no causes for all the illnesses we are having, and they are increasing all the time. You must be quite disconnected if you can’t see the relation between the radiation and all the health issues we are dealing with today.

Nilsson: Yes, I’ve been very sad hearing about very serious illnesses like brain tumors. I often hear that people know somebody who has had a brain tumor. And those people have used their mobile phones a lot.

But we also have not so serious illnesses that are increasing in the society today. Most important are the sleeping problems and the depression. This radiation takes away the sleep from us. It prevents us from having a good night’s sleep. It prevents the production of our sleeping hormone, melatonin. I’m very concerned about the long term effect on the sleep. Because, if you sleep poorly for a long period of time, that increases the chance of other serious illness.

Interviewer: When we talk about the pineal gland within the brain, it’s very sensitive to electrosmog. If you get an imbalance in that, it might lead to burnout syndrome. And that’s what we see in Sweden and in Denmark, people are burning out.

Nilsson: Many people are getting the diagnosis ‘burned out’. But behind the diagnosis, I suspect we see an effect from having exposure from radiation.

Interviewer: What about when we talk about HDH (hyperactivity). We have seen a 600% increase in Ritalin in 4 years. And then the government says the schoolteachers must be re-educated so they can better handle the hyperactive children. But, there’s no talk about the cause.

Nilsson: I’m very concerned about the young children and the whole younger generation growing up now with this enormous exposure to radiation, and the long term effects it will have upon them. In Sweden, for example, the sleeping pill prescriptions have skyrocketed in the last 5 or 6 years. The worst thing is, people are not being told that this radiation can be the cause of their sleeping problem. It’s really criminal not to let them know, and force them to be exposed to radiation by masts and mobile phone station antennas.

Interviewer: There’s a huge manipulation going on, and propaganda. Your book is excellent because it describes all these things. They even tried to prevent people from educating themselves about what is going on in this field.
Nilsson: Yes, they are doing this all the time. The Swedish Radiation Protection Authority wanted to do that already. They employed a propaganda firm. They try to tell people khow this technique is free from risks.

Interviewer: Something very scary is going on here.
Nilsson: The problem is, the media have not told the people the truth. The media have repeatedly told the public the industry version about the risks. The people haven’t been able to see through the manipulation and the hiding of the facts. Journalists are in general “prostitutes’ doing everything for money, and fearful. What they are telling is not true. It’s crazy to ignore the testimony of so many people about the dangers from masts and WiFi.

Interviewer: There’s something rotten not only in Denmark, but in Sweden, Norway, the whole world. People have to take action now, there’s no more time for discussions.
Nilsson: People have to inform themselves and wake up. You can’t trust the authorities any more because they are not caring about the people, they are caring about the huge economic interests of this very important industry.

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