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Dec. 04, 2011

Protect your brain. Preserve your mind.

Are you able to imagine leaving home without your cell phone? Allegedly not many people can nowadays. With the cell phone’s debut in 1984, 92,000 earlyadapters raced to have one. As of five years back, it was estimated that more than 170 million American citizens were using cell phones. Across the planet a stupefying 1.5 billion cell phones are continually sending their invisible frequencies through the airwaves. That number is much greater now.
Around the planet, folk are embracing all things wireless. Doubtless, this technology offers a world of new opportunities. But there are dangers sneaking. Is there something you need to know about the wireless world you haven't been told? The answer could actually influence your health and the health of your kids and grandkids. http://xpupdate.com/uncategorized/will-using-cell-phone-technology-damage-your-well-being/

Though the wireless industry has always claimed its technology is totally safe, no inclusive safety testing was ever conducted before introducing cell phones into the mass market. That is, technology nearly always outpaces our perception of the potential health perils from these advancements. Could it just be a coincidence that brain cancer rates in America have risen by 25 % since the introduction of the cell phone?

Electro-Magnetic Frequency (EMF) is the measure of radiation that comes from a cell phone, wireless phone, television, PC, hair dryer, vacuum,microwave oven, chiller, car, Wii game or other electric machine. Cell phones cast off the same form of radiation as microwave ovens”just in smaller amounts. While nobody in their right mind would ever consider sticking their head into a microwave cooker, closing it and turning it on, every time you hold a cell phone up to your ear you are battering your head with microwave radiation!

EMF’s (electro-magnetic frequencies) are everywhere, and that is exactly the issue. Research by Henry Lai, Ph.D, proved that brain cells are obviously spoilt by microwave levels far below the U.S. Government’s “safety” suggestions. Youngsters, youths and teens are rather more at the mercy of these radio-waves. The thickness of childrens ‘ skulls from 1-5 years is .5mm, 5-10 years is 1.0 mm and an adult skull thickness is more like 2.0mm. This renders kids, teens and teens more vulnerable to cell phone radiation by over 3 times the rate of adults. A two-minute call not only alters the electrical activity of the brain for as much as an hour, but also penetrates the blood brain barrier deep into the brain. Some doctors fear that disturbed brain activity in kids is leading to psychiatric and behavior Problems or impaired learning ability.

An Oz of prevention. Therefore what's to be done?

One of the best solutions is referred to as a BioChip, developed by German scientists. These cheap EMF harmonizing chips are turned on and programmed to neutralise and harmonize the range of frequencies that emanate from cell phones, wireless telephones and other EMF emitting devices, changing them into innocuous frequency waves. Once the chip is applied to the telephone or other electric device , the results of dangerous electro-magnetic frequencies are actually neutralized, making them safer to use.

Wireless technology is here to stay, whether we adore it or not. Approaching this technology with care and protection will allow us all to benefit from the technology and remain safer at the same time.

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