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So far, the only known mechanism that mobile telephone radiation has had an effect on living tissue is heating. The rise in temperature on the surface of the brain caused by radio waves is 0.3 degrees at the most. This kind of temperature rise is not known to have biological significance. The temperature of the brain normally fluctuates by about one degree, and only after a five degree increase in temperature do cells become damaged.

Several studies, in several countries, have tried to find out any other effects apart from heating. On the basis of the results obtained from the studies, it has not been possible to conclude that radiation from mobile phones would be detrimental to health.
Experiments performed on cell cultures, also performed at STUK, have produced indicators that mobile telephone radiation could cause temporary changes in the functions of cells. These functions include the functions of genes, activation of proteins, and the internal chemical communication within cells. The trigger for these changes is unknown. It is only known that this phenomenon is not the result of excessive heating of tissue.

Radio waves at the radiation level of mobile phones may increase the permeability of the so-called blood-brain barrier. The blood-brain barrier regulates the passing of material between the bloodstream and brain cells. Possible changes are, however, minimal and disappear quickly when the radiation stops. This could possibly be a case of a change caused by microscopic heating. The occurrence falls within the realm of physiological fluctuation and is not known to be harmful.

Approximately 20 general population studies concerning the causal relation of possible tumour risk and mobile phone use have been carried out. On the grounds of the studies to date, it is not possible to make such a conclusion that mobile phones would cause a health risk. Nevertheless, certain analyses that combine several earlier studies have reported an increased risk of brain tumour in people who have used a mobile phone for a long time (more than ten years). These studies however involve uncertainties. One source of error is a memory illusion related to the fact that mobile phone use and call durations that took place many years are ago are difficult to recall exactly.

Since it takes years to develop a cancer and mobile phones have been in common use only for about ten years, the possibility, that a link between mobile phone use and cancer might be found in later population studies, cannot be ruled out.

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