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Effect of Mobile Phones on Health


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30 Mar, 2012

The rapid expansion of mobile phone use and construction of base stations have raised fears that the technology of cell phones could have adverse effects on health, including causing cancer, headaches and memory loss.

WHO estimates that in 2002 there will be 700 million mobile phone users. The Scandinavian countries are most advanced, with a density of 36 to 42%. Therefore, an impact on human health, even if limited, would be multiplied on a global scale.

The current mobile phones operate at frequencies between 800 and 1800 MHz. The RF (radio frequency) frequency between 1 MHz and 10 GHz penetrate exposed tissues and cause heating due to energy absorption. Even when very low intensity, an RF field generates a small amount heat, but it would be evacuated by the normal processes of thermoregulation of the body. Also in the current state of scientific knowledge, it is unlikely that exposure to RF fields of low intensity, induces or promotes appearance of cancers, including those emitted by mobile phones and their base stations. (Source: WHO)

Currently the health effects of frequencies emitted by mobile phones are unclear and often contradictory and their impact on human health are not sufficiently well understood to justify limiting the exposure to RF fields low intensity. However the European Union recommends that manufacturers of devices that produce such effects to be “cautious”.

Of course, mobile phones are a recent technology, and researchers have not yet sufficient data to demonstrate the potential long-term effects of electromagnetic fields on health. Epidemiological studies and experiments on animals are multiplying, contradictory… and add to uncertainty. Several independent studies (ie publicly funded and not by mobile telephone operators) highlight the biological changes in living organisms under the effect of electromagnetic waves emitted by mobile phones. The European Reflex pointed in vitro breakage of DNA strands in living cells and an increase of chromosomal aberrations under the influence of electromagnetic fields of frequency bands of mobile phones (1 800 MHz).

“In addition to a significant penetration of electromagnetic fields of mobile in the body, other works show an increase in the permeability of the blood-brain barrier (which separates the blood from the brain), allowing passage of toxic substances circulating in blood, with consequent impairment of nerve cells the use of a mobile for more than ten years would increase by 30% the risk of neuroma (benign tumor of the brain) when the phone is sometimes worn to listen sometimes to another, and 240% when it is held on one side.

Released in August 2007, the work of fourteen experts who analyzed more than 1 500 publications on the effects of electromagnetic fields on all forms of life has since been referenced by the European Environment Agency and the European Parliament relied on to make its findings last September on a resolution concerning the environmental electromagnetic fields.

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