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EMF Protection - What It Is and Why You Need It!


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EMF Pollution is the fastest growing pollution on the planet! EMF stands for electromagnetic frequencies. All electrical and battery operated gadgets emit electromagnetic frequencies. So why are EMFs becoming such a major health concern when we've been using technology for years?

Firstly, the sheer amount of technology present in the average home- and on the planet- has skyrocketed since our grandparent's days.Secondly, the amount of wireless radiation has risen exponentially. When dealing with EMF Pollution, there are two types of frequencies one needs to be aware of; wired and wireless.

• Wired frequencies are basically electricity. At 60 hertz, they are the frequency that is coming out of your outlets (in America) and they are the frequencies that run through your walls.
• Wireless frequencies are basically microwave radiation. These are the same frequencies used in your microwave oven to cook foods and these are the same frequencies that your cell phone uses to get reception.

Microwave frequencies can travel through space without being contained by wires. This makes them a different type of wave that possesses unique abilities; one of these being the ability to penetrate human tissues easily and disrupt cellular function. Not good! While studies on EMFs have shown adverse health reactions when exposed to both wired and wireless frequencies, evidence points to a strong link between wireless radiation exposure and cancer.

What emits wired frequencies? The main culprits are:

• Electric alarm clocks
• Circuit breaker boxes
• Corded phones
• Computers
• TVs
• Kitchen appliances
• Refrigerators
• Electric water heaters
• Electrical outlets
• Air conditioners
• Air purifiers
• Electric blankets
• Stereo equipment/speakers
• Car batteries/motor/wiring
• Power lines
• Substations
• Power towers
• Transformer boxes

What stuff emits wireless frequencies?

• Cell phones
• All Bluetooth technology
• Cell phone towers
• Satellite dishes
• Wireless internet routers
• GPS tracking
• Baby intercoms
• Home security systems
• Invisible Pet Fences
• Airport/ Military radar
• Cordless phones

EMFs are harmful because they weaken your body by interfering with your body's own electrical impulses and causing cellular communication breakdown.
Yes, your body is a closed circuit battery. You are a great conductor of electrical energy, being composed predominantly of water and salt. Your brain and nervous system communicate to your cells via electrical impulses.

When environmental electromagnetic frequencies bombard your nervous system with their information, these electrical impulses telling your cells what to do can not get through. As a result, your body is unable to function optimally. This puts your body in a state of stress. This continual state of stress breaks down your body's immunity and leads to a host of acute health symptoms such as headaches, insomnia, dehydration, irritability, inflammation and fatigue. If EMF exposure is continued, these acute symptoms can become chronic and lead to degenerative conditions we call dis-ease.
EMF Protection Devices that harmonize the electrical frequencies helps the body to maintain normal functioning when in the presence of EMF fields. This means immunity stays high and the system does not begin to break down.

Remember, EMFs do not cause dis-ease. Instead, they create the conditions for dis-ease to happen by putting the body in a constant state of stress!

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