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Does Your Mobile Phone Cause Tumors Or Other Health Issues?

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September 8, 2011

We apparently to have an unhealthy connection for our adored mobile phones. They are used constantly, they have become part of who we are and we are lost when our mobile phone becomes non-functional or misplaced. Have you noticed the feeling when we forget the cell phone at home? Its almost like we have forgotten the purse or wallet, we feel a sense of not being complete yet these phones are causing some real health concerns you need to be aware of.

Back in 1993, the cell phone entities (Telecomm Industry) did some testing that showed there was real dangers caused by the transmitter on your cell phone. The transmitter is the method your cell phone talks with the cell phone towers and it can (and does) penetrate your skin creating chaos within your body. Many clinical studies have concluded the emissions from cell phones cause degeneration of the structure of our cells. This degeneration occurs at much lower levels of radiation than the FCC permits. And the cell phone companies are lobbying for the US government to increase the allowed emission levels emitted for the mobile phones.

A few of the concerns that can be developed by the emissions include:
- Damage to the nerves in the scalp
- Loss of memory and concentration
- Fatigue and headaches
- Muscle and joint pain
- Skin rashes and burning sensations
- Difficulty sleeping as brain activity is altered
- Tinnitus (ringing in the ears)

So the list goes on and on. There are definite damages to talking a mobile phone. I definitely am not suggesting you toss your cell phone as I know that is an unwarranted resolution. But I would like to recommend you protect yourself from the damaging emissions. There are some products in the world that will help counteract the dangerous emissions from your cell phone. Get a cell phone protection device and install it today!

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