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August 30, 2011 | (The daily beast)

NEW YORK – which is a cell phone in your Pocket? If you plan to have children, you can delete it. Sharon Begley on the possible link between mobile phones and infertility.
When the news broke this week that the World Health Organization had said cellular phones a possible cancer risk, chatty people everywhere suddenly found disturbing brain tumor behind the ears. But concerns about how cell phones affect the human body are hidden below the belt, as well. For men, in any event, that area where phones spend most of their time – in your Pocket – may also be at risk.

No studies have linked to use of cell phones to cancer of the testis. Sterility, however, is another question. Experiences or not radiofrequency radiation emitted by cell damage (even when the phone is turned off) semen has been made since at least 2003, when a study in rats found “no evidence suggesting an adverse effect of phone cell exposure on…testicular function or structure. Another study of rat two years later was also reassuring, concluding that the radiation “” issued by a conventional cell phone does not affect testicular function in adult rats. “”

Unfortunately, these studies have not had the last word. A significant study of 2005 mice than “an on…spermatozoa genotoxic effect [DNA damaging].”
A 2007 rat study found “much higher incidence of sperm cell death,” suggesting “that carrying cell phones about reproductive organs could affect male fertility.”. And a 2009 rat study concluded that radiation from cell phones “negatively affects the quality of the sperm and may impair male fertility.”

Of course, these are just of laboratory animals. Certainly, the human male is made things tougher, so that a small telephone cellular radiation is no more prejudicial to her family jewels than, say, pollen?

It is sad to say, this cannot be the case. In a study planned for publication in the journal Andrologia, but published online in March, researchers at the Medical University of Graz in Austria reported bad news. They examined the records of the 2,110 men treated at the clinic of fertility of the University from 1993 to 2007. Remarkably, these men 1,119 not phones use cellular (mainly first years, is not surprising.) That allowed researchers to compare users to non-users. Results: among users, an average of 68 per cent of the sperm had “a pathological morphology,” such as the stack, compared to 58 per cent in non-users or aberrant. (If the percentage of 58 seems high, remember that these men had all went to a fertility clinic.) “Our results showed that the use of cell phones negatively affects the quality of the semen of men,” the researchers conclude.
68 per cent of the sperm had “a pathological morphology,” such as the stack or aberrant.

It is not the first such findings. In his 2010 book of disconnection: the truth about phone cell radiation, that the industry has made to hide it and how to protect your family, will have to Davis tells the story of a couple who could not imagine. A doctor told them to keep their cell phones off the coast of their body and to use only the text or with a helmet cord for two months. Less than a year, they had a baby.

Of course, anecdotes are not data, and you could probably find a previously infertile couple who designed after the jump on their right feet for 10 minutes every night for a month. Coincidences happen. But in this case, the story Davis argues, jibes with research. In 2008, for example, scientists led by Ashok Agarwal, Director of research at the Center for Reproductive Medicine at the Cleveland Clinic, announced the results of a study on 361 men treated at a fertility clinic. About 10% rarely or never used a cell phone, while slightly more than half were on their cell more than two hours a day. Using a cell phone, the scientists concluded, “decrease [s] the quality of the semen of men by decreasing the number of sperm, motility, viability and normal morphology.” Or, less formally, as Agarwal “sperm quality tended to decline as daily of phone cell increased use.” The men who said they used their phones for more than four hours a day had the lowest average sperm count and motility and normal lower numbers of viable sperm. ?
The Agarwal team wanted to see if the link between the use of the cell and sperm wimpy was just a coincidence. They took the sperm of a few dozens of men and return to the lab kept half of each sample of radiation from cell phones and the other one-half inch away a cell phone. (One inch is on the distance between the man and his testes trouser pocket). Sperm nearby phones cell were the worst swimmers and had the most deformities.

Now for the third warning. Swimmers even poor people can become fathers, and questions remain on the question of whether the damage to sperm among cell phone users is serious enough to cause infertility. “When it comes to study if cell phones impact on… human reproduction,”Davis argues, “we are in the midst of another vast uncontrolled experiment on ourselves.” “”.

Men who do not want to jeopardize their prospects of paternity may take the same precautions as cell phone users who want to reduce their risk of developing cancer of the brain. Choose a model with the lowest value of SAR, a measure of radiation absorbed by biological tissues, as at the end of this history. And do not hold your phone in your pocket of pants.

Sharon Begley is the science and science editor of Newsweek columnist. She is co-author of the 2002 book, the mind and the brain and the author of the 2007 Train Your Mind, change your brain.

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