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   Dangers Of EMF’S And Mobile Phone Masts And How They Can Affect Our Health Part 4


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“I am now convinced that EMF’s pose a health hazard. There is statistical association between magnetic fields and cancer that goes beyond the shadow of reasonable doubt. I think there is clear evidence that exposure to EMF’s increases the risk of cancer. This is most clear with leukaemia and brain tumours, but in residential studies statistical significance increased for all kinds of cancers. And we are just beginning to have a whole body of evidence that reproductive cancers are increased by exposure”.

Dr David Carpenter, Dean of the State of New York School of Public Health.
“…Sweden has concluded that EMF’s do lead to higher rates of cancer…I, frankly was somewhat impressed by the arguments made by the Swedes.” President (ex) Bill Clinton. In the USA, President Clinton issued a formal memorandum in 1995, stating that Transmitter Masts should not be sited on schools or near residential areas.

It is also interesting to note, that both Lloyds underwriters and leading insurance groups have refused to offer ‘Product Liability Cover’ to mobile phone manufacturer’s for damage to users health, and that on the basis of today’s present knowledge alone, it must be expected that an EMF Claim would succeed. In this regard, corporate providers should guard against complacency in relying on present day government advice to protect themselves against any future potential liabilities. The experience of the Asbestos Industry is a sobering reminder of this.

Litigation cases are increasing in the USA against mobile phone companies and by giving approval for the construction of a mobile phone tower (Mast), property owners, land owners or councils may be risking litigation in the event that radio frequency radiation is later proven under British Law to cause health problems. This will be proven and has already been substantially proven in other countries to date. It is just a matter of time before it happens in the UK.

The Findings of Physicists

In addition to information on the dangers of mobile phone masts that I have already outlined, I would like to highlight to an even greater degree the very real dangers posed to the human organism from these man-made frequencies we call microwaves. The following information comes from the science of biophysics and is quite basic in its nature and available to anyone who cares to look.

In understanding the following it is important to realise that the human body is primarily and almost totally an energy system first and a biological/biochemical one second. All life is composed of the building blocks of life - the atom, and an atom is comprised of 99.999% space or energy, hence we humans are 99.999% energy too, only it appears to our limited five physical senses that we are wholly physical or biological in origin, which is of course incorrect and grossly inaccurate.

Our DNA is composed of light and emits photons - particles of light - or electromagnetic waves that we can measure today. Our cells have their own Electromagnetic field too, as does the human body, and these energies are often referred to as the Biophysical field or Auric field, and these energy fields can also be measured and today, even photographed. It is through the interaction of energy fields that all living things, humans included, share and store information both beneficial and detrimental to the physical body.

Dangers Of EMF’S And Mobile Phone Masts And How They Can Affect Our Health Part 3

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